I am a global warming skeptic   Merriam-Websters’s definition of a scam as “a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation” fails to do justice to the decades-long hoax, the swindle, of the American people known alternatively as global cooling, then global warming, then climate change. 

The subject of that massive, international hustle has frequently been addressed in this space, most recently in “Another Climate Lie Bites the Dust,” which outlined the efforts of the climate clique to slander two distinguished American climatologists for telling the truth. 

Professors Roy Spencer and William Braswell dared to expose the fallacies of alleged  anthropogenic causes of changes in Earth’s weather and were summarily if indirectly dismissed as incompetents by their colleagues because of their impertinence in outing the climate-scammers. (http://bit.ly/ph0zyW)

Eminent, ethical scientists that Spencer and Braswell are, they didn’t and wouldn’t say their fellows were liars and frauds.  Another warming-naysayer, Dr. Ivar Giaever, also refused to hurl those pejoratives, but I will.    

Undismayed by exposure as sloppy flimflamers in the 2009 “climate-gate” scandal when email hackers of the United Nations-funded Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change facilities at Britain’s East Anglia University revealed gross misrepresentations, the IPCC has braved on. 

Al Gore Global Warming   There’s far too much money at stake for the IPCC–or its ridiculous co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, Al Gore–to do otherwise.  Science-challenged, climate profiteer Gore continues to mindlessly beat the warming drum to stuff his pockets and is so wildly strident he is actually scaring believers with his “Climate Reality” unrealities. (http://bit.ly/mRWcDI)  

Dr. Giaever, co-winner of the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize for physics, RPI professor emeritus and president of Applied Biophysics, forcefully contradicted the “warmers.”

Giaever effectively denounced the American Physical Society for its contention that “the evidence [of global warming] is incontrovertible” and resigned his APA membership in disgust. 

The “incontrovertible” element of the story has been widely-reported, Dr. Giaver’s disgust with the APA not so much.  

According to a story on FoxNews.com, which only wishful thinkers and awfully naive people should expect to appear anywhere else in the mainstream media, Giaver was especially disconcerted by the APA’s allegation of evidentiary incontrovertibility  concerning climate change and global warming. 

Dr. Giaever, who should know, said that in the scientific community, “incontrovertible” is a term rarely used, implying it should never be used unless and until there is absolutely no doubt as to contradictory evidence, and doubts abound that mankind is heating up the planet. 

save your mother EARTH.   Since Mother Earth has been warming, cooling, broiling, and freezing for eons, if warmists are correct it would have to be assumed that Jurassic people, when they weren’t fending off dinosaurs, were dirtying the atmosphere with coal plants, Boeing 767′s, and Cadillacs yet no artifacts have been found.  

Giever further maintained that the 000.8 degree Kelvin planetary temperature change over a century and a half, “if true,” means “that the temperature has been amazingly stable, and both human health and happiness have definitely improved in this ‘warming’ period.” (http://fxn.ws/qKrQbz)  

When it comes to climate change, words such as “stable” are anathema to those profiting from a contrived climate crisis although they feel free to toss around terms like “incontrovertible” to describe evidence which is very disputable. 

Dr. Giaever is too polite to mention that many in that climate crisis community are desperate to preserve their credibility, reputation, monetary grants, and comfy lifestyles, desperate enough to make outlandish assertions.  

In spite of the indefatigible efforts of the warming scamsters, all indications are that Americans are finally awakening to the monumental sick joke of climate change. 

A hopeful sign and a sad commentary on the state of modern science which arrives at conclusions via skewed consensus in lieu of verifiable scientific methods is an August Rasmussen poll.  The poll revealed that almost 70% of Americans now believe “it’s at least somewhat likely that some scientists have falsified research data in order to support their own theories and beliefs.”

Accenting the close-mindedness of the climate clique, Dr. Giaever and other reputable, non-consensus scientists tried to get President Barack Hussein Obama to listen to them, to no avail.  In this administration and in our world today, money talks and truth can take a hike.