Riots in N5 sparked by   In case no one has noticed, there has been an increasing number of violent outbursts and riots in the streets.  New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg and America’s President Barack Hussein Obama have, respectively, keen insights and perspicacious cures for all that civil disruption. 

The upheavals in the Mideast are somewhat explicable given the so-called Arab Spring although the violence in the United States and Great Britain can’t be explained away as easily.  Fortunately, New York’s Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg has his finger on the pulse of humanity and is fully capable of pinpointing the cause: poverty and a dearth of jobs. 

Hizzonor contended on his Friday radio show, (which he skipped last week due to a scandal in his administration), ”You have a lot of kids graduating college, [who] can’t find jobs.  That’s what happened in Cairo.  That’s what happened in Madrid.  You don’t want those kinds of riots here.”

So, if I understand the mayor correctly, Egyptians weren’t protesting against former despot Hosni Mubarak and the mobs in Spain–and London–were just staging boisterous campaigns for employment and not anarchically revolting? 

I’m sorry to advise Mr. Bloomberg that he is wrong as proven by facts and slews of videotapes. 

Egyptians wanted to depose Mubarak, and succeeded.  The mostly Muslim English rioters would love to have toppled the regimes in that country, but their destructive efforts failed.  The Spanish–and the Greeks?  Who knows?  They always seem   annoyed at something or other. 

None of this means to suggest poverty and unemployment aren’t serious issues everywhere.  As of 2010, America’s national poverty rate stood at 15.1% or 46.2 million people and jobless Americans still number 9.1% of the working population, all of which are horrific figures. 

Bloomberg may have analyzed the world situation with his pulsating finger but we have a man in charge of the U.S. economy who has been fingering America’s fiscal health as effectively as Mayor Bloomberg gauged world events.  

As our President arrived in   Some cynics would say President Obama been flipping his finger at the nation since he hasn’t done a damned thing about poverty or unemployment over the course of his 32 months in office. 

Correction: He has done a damned thing, he’s made both worse. 

Obama has a new plan up his sleeve, Son of Stimulus I, his $447 billion “Jobs Act.”  It’s not technically an “act” since it hasn’t been passed by Congress and doesn’t directly address the growing chaos in America’s cities since “act” sounds better than “bill” and since Obama is largely responsible for that chaos. 

He promises his proposal will “create” 1.9 million new jobs. 

This president is big on unfulfilled pledges but this one is for real.  It could result in 1.9 million jobs, and may not come close based on the results of Stimulus I, but at what cost? has run the numbers: Divide $447,000,000,000. by 1,900,000 and you arrive at the cost–$235,263. per job! (

That might be a nifty starting, or ending, salary for almost anyone–except CEOs and labor union executives.  It’s a tad extravagant considering the “national average wage index” in 2009 was $40,711.61 and has been declining, and considering the nation is broke!   

Obama’s thinking may be that throwing money at his constituents will keep them at bay.  Equally likely is that he knows that if he keeps them poor with unreal legislative proposals or when they realize they may have to go to work they will revolt.  Either way, they will still vote for him.  

With people like Mike Bloomberg and Barry Obama leading and advising us, who needs enemies?