Many Americans consider the Barack Hussein Obama administration the worst of all American political worlds, the be-all-end-all epitome of the depths to which the nation could possibly sink, the ultimate catastrophe for our country. 

It’s entirely possible that, as Andy Bachman warbled, “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.” 

Obama Victorious Over Military   Consider this: Obama is wallowed in a well-deserved wallow of popular disapproval.  He has declared his understanding that his could be a one-term presidency.  He and his lovely bride have been milking his office for all it’s worth as if in anticipation that he too will be jobless after next year.  He has offered no viable solutions to alleviate the nation’s unemployment issues nor for any other pressing domestic or international problems.  

I think he wants out, at least for now. 

So, what does Barry do?  

(Obama, of course,  could win next November with or without Joe Biden but for the purposes of this analysis–and my own sanity–I’m just examining his other options.) 

He could simply resign his office within the next year, a very unlikely act which would put him in the Tricky Dickie class of loser presidents.  He could continue on to the bitter end, be humiliated in an election landslide, and slink off into the dark pages of history,  He could pull a Carter by spending the rest of his days trying to build a legacy predicated on fantasy.  He could dump Biden in favor of Hillary Clinton, not a likelihood since it assumes Hil would agree to be his second banana.  

And he could take the high road, claim he was acting in the best interests of the nation, appear as the consummate hero of the Democrat Party by accepting the nomination as vice president on a Hillary ticket to serve as her junior, seasoned adviser. 

Unprecedented?  Yes.  Absurd?  Not at all. 

Is it any more inconceivable than the incredible absurdity of a two-year U.S. senator with precious little experience in anything other than functioning as a neighborhood organizer on Chicago’s mean streets and as an inconsequential Illinois state senator becoming president of the United States?    

At 51, Obama will be a virtual babe in the woods next Election Day, far too young to retire into political oblivion.  He is insatiably egotistical and ambitious but very unpopular outside his core black, socialist, union, and homosexual constituencies.    

A recent poll shows that Secretary of State Clinton’s popularity is soaring with two-thirds of Americans holding a favorable view of her even if “Some of her appeal is that she is not Barack Obama.”  (  

Stepping down from the Oval Office and setting up residence at One Observatory Circle would be widely perceived as a supreme act of admirable, selfless statesmanship.

   After reigning as Bill Clinton’s FLOTUS for eight years, serving as United States senator from the state of New York for eight more and as the country’s well-traveled chief diplomat for 3 1/2, Hillary is more qualified to be president than Obama is today.   

She did make it perfectly clear some while back that she had no interest in seeking higher office and was looking forward to grandmothering Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky’s yet-to-be-conceived brood.  However, in view of the fact her only child’s marriage may be on the rocks she may be too old to rock her grandchild’s cradle by the time she’s a grandma. 

So, what does Hillary do?

The theoretical Hillary-Barry combo hasn’t materialized as of now and may never happen. Mrs. Clinton will be 65 years old come November, 2012, younger than John McCain when he ran against Obama, but still no spring chicken and she lugs around a ton of baggage, not to mention incessant rumors she lusts in her heart to again reside in, not just visit, the White House. 

She could opt to stay on at the State Department, retire and hope for those grandkids, or wage an undercover campaign to undermine and unseat the failing president thereby giving him second thoughts on winning a second term.  After all, as VP, he would be first in line for the top job and far younger than Mrs. Clinton in 2016 and 2020.   

Should the proffered scenario of a Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama Democrat ticket come to pass next year, as far-fetched as it is, they would be much harder to beat than Obama-Whoever.  He would still attract his old constituents, she would add some women and all lesbian voters.  

Never happen?  Never say never, just pray for the best and prepare for the worst.  Democrats might think of dusting off their old Clinton bumper stickers.