Bristol Palin is currently  Okay, so a 20 year old girl went out with some friends last Thursday to the Saddle Ranch Restaurant in West Hollywood and, being an adventurous as well as pretty young lady, she took a ride on one of those horn-less mechanical bulls intended by management to provide some rocky entertainment for the clientele. 

Bodacious but innocent enough, right? 

Wrong, when the rider was Bristol Palin, eldest daughter of Sarah Palin, conservative  former governor of Alaska and Republican candidate for the vice presidency of the United States three years ago and when members of her audience were foul-mouthed liberals.  

Photo of Stephen Hanks   Subsequently identified as Stephen Hanks, a Hollywood talent agent with little talent but with a remarkably-obscene vocabulary to his credit, the liberal proceeded to verbally attack Ms. Palin after her engagement with the mechanical bull, clearly demonstrating that stuffed bulls have more brains, class, and civility than Stephen  Hanks.    

The rocking, twisting bull eventually threw Bristol but Hanks didn’t.   

The 47 year old Hanks, seated with his buddies at the Saddle Ranch bar, courageously peppered a 20 year old girl with the most vile, vicious invective this side of Hollywood after she got up to the applause and high-fives of the crowd.  She then directly confronted the talentless talent agent.  

Greeted by the bald-headed Hanks with, “Your mother is the f*cking devil,” Bristol barely blinked an eye as she smiled, (or was it a laugh?), and challenged the obviously-intimidated Hanks while he condemned Sarah Palin to a hell he didn’t believe in, characterized her as “evil,” and said something about her stand on homosexuals, a position he considers as “trash” just as he considers families who articulate those beliefs trashy. 

The Saddle Ranch and the videotape were understandably noisy. 

See the entire bull ride, the Bristol Palin-Stephen Hanks video, Hanks’ edifying views on trash and on Sarah Palin as a “media whore” at  

Interviewed later by TMZ, Hanks said, “I’m just glad it wasn’t Sarah [Palin] there.  I was just there being me.”  He also proffered the bewidering non-sequitur that he had once shouted down Newt Gingrich, as if that were a badge of honor.  

You have to wonder, though, what he meant by being glad Mrs. Palin wasn’t at the restaurant instead of her daughter. 

Would just being himself, a bitter, aging loser who perfectly exemplifies the leftist disconnect with civility and who virtually exhales hatred, would just being Stephen Hanks, have resulted in a physical assault on Sarah Palin instead of merely a gutless, obscene heckling of Bristol who dished out an in-your-face rebuttal to him? 

I really doubt that scenario since gays seem to prefer more detached and less violent abuse where they are viewers rather than participants.

Hanks added for TMZ that, “I was oblivious as to the cameras being there.” 

Bad news for Stephen Hanks and good news for Bristol Palin: The media were there and exposed Hanks for the bitter, homosexual, lib he is at the same time Bristol is shown to be the spunky young lady she is. 

I would say that Hanks should go to hell but he doesn’t believe in hell so I’ll simply say I hope he’s right, for his sake.