In recent weeks, three books have hit the literary market, one a revealing collection of the thoughts of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, the other two gossipy collections of rabid drivel written and published out of spite and animosity. 

Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. KennedyJacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy represents an invaluable insight into the opinions of a former First Lady who was publicly reticent and deferential in her lifetime but privately involved with strong feelings on a number of subjects. 

Transcriptions of audiotaped interviews dating to 1964, less than a year after her husband’s  assassination and kept under seal as per her request during her lifetime, Mrs. Kennedy’s unedited words proved to be devoid of widely-anticipated sensationalism although occasionally politically incorrect by today’s standards.  

Revelations that she thought Jack’s successor, Lyndon Baines Johnson, was complicit in his murder seem perfectly acceptable to the mainstream media while her deeply-held belief that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an unmitigated lowlife was, understandably, dismissed by King’s family and various black politicians.  

Kennedy daughter, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, who published the book along with Michael Beschloss, also refused to accept that Jackie could possibly have thought ill of MLK, thereby effectively labeling her own mother either a liar, a fool, or both. 

(See “Politically Correcting Jackie O,”

Politically-incorrect truth-telling is strictly prohibited in twenty-first century America. 

The other two ostensibly non-fiction books have little relationship with the truth and have a closer resemblance to the scandal-mongering Kitty Kelley than contributions to literature or to contemporary history. 

Levi Johnston Playgirl   “Slime, Sleaze, and Levi Johnston,”, discussed in some detail Johnston’s ghost-written, politically-inspired and financed hatchet job on his former fiancee, Bristol Palin, and the Palin family, Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs.  

In view of the tacky similarities between Johnston’s sleaze and Joe McGinness’ tripe, it’s difficult to believe they didn’t collaborate.

When it comes to hatchet jobs and unmitigated squalor, no recent writing surpasses the venture into the arena of  political and character assassination better than Joe McGinness’ salacious book about Sarah Palin and her family.  With just a few tweaks and a few more graphic lies, McGinness’ The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin could rival Fanny Hill and Tropic of Cancer. 

Author Joe McGinniss   McGinness began his quest for Palin dirt two years ago by renting a house adjacent to the family property in Wasilla, Alaska, so close that the Palins had to erect an 8 foot fence to keep Peeping Joe from spying on the family and leering into their daughter Piper’s bedroom. 

He denied he could even see her bedroom–meaning he must have looked for it–and Todd Palin paid him a visit. 

Like any snake, McGinness reacted angrily when he was stepped on and said, “He came over to get in my face about moving in there.  I said, ‘You’re not even going to know I’m there. . . . I mind my own business.  I don’t care what happens on your side of the fence. That’s not why I’m here.’ “ (  

Wasilla’s population is just shy of 8,000 and covers an area of almost 12 square miles but McGinness chose to rent next door to the Palins.  Of course, he didn’t care what happened over at the Palins.  It was simply coincidence that he ended up their neighbor and rumors of the binoculars on his windowsill are just rumors. 

Apparently, Peeping Joe didn’t see nearly enough to fill a book so he proceeded to fill The Rogue with other rumors and innuendo.      

Anticipating shock and revulsion though not awe and acceptance of his creative venom and aware that critics had already ripped The Rogue for its unsubstantiated defamations, McGinness, who is no stranger to unethical journalism, desperately sought help from another muck merchant and Palin-hater cohort, Jesse Griffin, before Random House published his fiction. 

Sarah Palin plans on suing, Random House is standing by its lying man. 

The full text of that smoking email is available at 

It includes such gems as McGinness’ admission of using an unreliable, possibly mentally unstable prostitute as a source.  It reveals his charges of Todd Palin having sex with her, Sarah Palin’s alleged fling with an NBA star, Track Palin being a druggie and Bristol Palin as a promiscuous high schooler, etc. as totally devoid of, in his own words, any “factual evidence.”  ( 

Put more succinctly, the author of The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin is a liar and his book a pack of lies which places Joe McGinness in the same, sorry league as Levi Johnston, an unethical, immoral fabricator of a work which purports to be true and is actually the precise opposite.  Both McGinness and Johnston could learn a great deal about truth from Jackie O’s tapes.