the great white Jew won't   There’s long been more than a sneaking suspicion that President Barack Hussein Obama is a dyed-in-the-wool anti-Semite although there’s no doubt he is more prone to gaffes than even George W. Bush.  His closet anti-Semitism may have met his “gaffery” over the weekend at the Congressional Black Caucus awards in Washington. 

Quickly scrubbed from the official transcript of Obama’s speech advocating class warfare–technically, he was addressing what he called a growing disparity of wealth in the United States–the president mixed up Jews and janitors before he realized his Freudian slip but he had already been caught by the tale of the (video)tape. 

I guess it’s easy to confuse the two.  After all, both words begin with a “J.” 

Not that much of the mainstream media will make mention of Obama’s “Jews janitors” flub; they’re still more interested in Bush gaffes. 

The Jewish vote is, of course, critical to his re-election, not as critical as the black, union, and homosexual votes but very significant nonetheless.  He needs money from all of them to hit his goal of a billion dollar campaign chest.  

Blacks, unionists, and gays are guaranteed supporters but those Jewish backers have been slip, slip, slipping away in view of the administration’s policies on the Mideast and his kowtowing to Arab potentates and catering to Muslim interests at home.  The last thing he needed at this point was to demean Jews but he did so anyway, assuming that confusing Jews with janitors is demeaning.   

Congressional Black Caucus'   In Obama’s talk to the CBC, he was in the middle of another rant against the rich when he blurted out, “If asking a billionaire to pay the same tax rate as a Jew uhh as a janitor [emphasis added] makes me a warrior for the working class, I wear that as a badge of honor.  I have no problem with that.”   

See and hear the flub clip here and the complete C-Span coverage of the 28 1/2 minute speech here  

No one seemed to have noticed the “as a Jew uhh as a janitor” goof or the CBC crowd had no problem with that.  They reacted with rousing applause for their new working class “warrior,” a metaphor suggesting the president is pitting the working class against some other, non-working class in the war declared by Teamsters’ chief James Hoffa on Labor Day. 

In addition to figuratively declaring war, Obama was continuing his program of sharing the wealth, a campaign gaffe originally made in his confrontation with “Joe the Plumber.”  That wasn’t noticed much either despite revealing the candidate to be as much a socialist as his father was a Marxist.  

Kall Me Karl Marx   It should be remembered that Obama Senior’s favorite philosopher, Karl Marx, authored the polemics, A World Without Jews and “On the Jewish Question” and was viscerally anti-Semitic.  The president has proudly admitted the influence his father’s “dreams” had on him and if one of those dreams involved Marx’s anti-Semitism, four more years of Obamamania could prove ugly for Jews and for Israel, for janitors and the rest of us.