“I thought when we elected a black President, we were going to get a black President. . . . I want a real black president.  I want him in a meeting . . . where he lifts up his shirt where you can see the gun in his pants [and says] ’We’ve got a ‘mother@!#$%ing problem here.’  Shoot somebody in the foot.” 

The implications in that now infamous spleen-venting were perfectly clear: Real African-Americans packed guns, had foul mouths, were prone to violence, and shoot people.  The only racist insults missing are that they’re all lazy and on welfare.  

Were Rick Perry or Rick Santorum to utter such slurs during a debate, with or without the mother@!#$%ing, they would be forced to end their candidacies for the Republican nomination for president before you could say mother@!#$%ing.  However, the utterer wasn’t a conservative politician but a very liberal loser, Bill Maher and therefore it was perfectly okay and not because Maher wasn’t a politician but because he’s a lib. 

You see, liberals aren’t racists, or so they would like us to think.  In point of fact, virtually every social policy liberals have articulated, proposed, and passed over the last fifty years  has been either race-based, designed to stir the racial or some other pot, or calculated to foster conditions, (unemployment and poverty for example), to exacerbate racial tensions. 

The ultimate Democrat goal has been to create a dependency on government and a rock-solid black constituency despite have been the party that fought tooth and nail to defeat Civil Rights legislation in the fifties and sixties.  They have largely succeeded and have paved the way for Barack Hussein Obama to carry those goals to fruition.     

The chief accomplishment of the granddaddies of social manipulations–LBJ’s Great Society and his War on Poverty–was to substantially destroy once-strong African-American families yet Democrats escaped condemnation for that as well by skillfully employing smoke, mirrors, and an excellent if offensive offense that people like Bill Maher still use today.  

It’s believed that the adage “The best defense is a good offense” originated with the 19th century Prussian military theorist, Carl von Clausewitz, but whatever its origins the line has become a staple of countless sports analysts as an observation on how best to win games.  It assumes the defense isn’t as porous as that of this year’s Atlanta Falcons. 

To be successfully employed in the political arena, the good offense strategy assumes the public won’t scratch beneath the veneer of attack rhetoric and discover all the talk is just a cover for lies and hypocrisy, as with tediously-constant liberal references to conservative racism to conceal liberal bigotry.  

Maintaining the good offense while counting on viewers not to look behind the curtain of pretense, just previous to his bigoted description of blacks as gun-slinging hoods, Maher had hypocritically attacked Republicans and Bill O’Reilly. 

God Loves Bill Maher   On his HBO “Real Time” show while singing Obama’s praises, without a shred of substantiation Maher termed Republicans as “paranoid, greedy racists” and almost outdid himself by claiming, “Racists are more likely to be Republicans.”  He followed those outrages with another by contending Bill O’Reilly’s  White House interview of President Obama early this year was somehow an example of racism. 

Reformed liberal journalist Bernard Goldberg characterized that latter charge, ostensibly lodged because O’Reilly had asked Obama if he followed football, as “irrational, almost clinical insanity,” which was being kind. 

See the clip of Bill Maher and his irrational, clinically-insane panel of leftists, one of whom said he would have told O’Reilly “to get the f*ck out of my house,” along with O’Reilly’s interview of Goldberg here http://bit.ly/ewk86B  

Three points of clarification for Maher and his jackals: O’Reilly didn’t ask about basketball, his softball presidential chat took place in the midst of the annual Superbowl mania, and the White House isn’t Obama’s house, it’s the American people’s house where presidents are allowed to reside, temporarily. 

Bill Maher’s expletive-laden irrationality is often dismissed on the basis that he is a comedian, although he’s not even vaguely humorous and his brand of “comedy” dredges the depths of the negative liberal view of life.  It serves only the narrow ideological  functions of America’s left wing establishment in the same way television comic hides behind comedy to serve his Democrat masters.

In other words, Maher is an un-funny puppet of the Democrat Party, as well as a closet racist who thinks he can conceal his gut racism and bigotry by gutlessly exploiting blacks and racism by attacking others as racists and bigots. 

Maher would be well-advised to devote a segment of “Real Time” to an examination of the Democrat Party’s racist history.  He still wouldn’t be funny or have any class but he could gain a small degree of much needed self-respect.