Some things are better left unsaid and unelucidated.  Among them are details on which Hollywood starlet is sleeping with which director, why Ashton Kutcher married Demi Moore–and sensationalized tripe on the sex lives of 10 year old girls.  

The Gay Lobby, however, wants everything elucidated and out there when it comes to what segment of the population it is in process of seducing lately in hopes that more kids will do it, try it, because, as per the newest homosexual catchphrase, “It gets better.”  

(See for further information on the import of how life allegedly “gets better” for youngsters who are hit on by gay adult predators– as told from the vantage point of degenerate homosexual activist, Dan Savage.)

tomboy   Now 10 year old tomboyish girls come to the realization, at least in the unhinged perceptions of some film writers and producers, that “it gets better.”  And thus we have the multi-award-winning “Tomboys,” a French film by Parisian Celine Sciamma. 

Dispense with the antiquated idea that tomboys are only young girls who reject dolls and  frilly dresses in favor of footballs and dirt encrusted Levis which, nowadays, isn’t all that unusual anyway.  Based on the trailers, Sciamma’s movie incorporates scenes of similar, innocuous gender-blending but merely as background for more salacious content. 

Celine Sciamma   Sciamma also features in her seamy yet critically-acclaimed cinematic excursion into predatory child exploitation is the story of a confused, re-located child who finds comfort and sexual relief in lesbianism and a self-constructed Play-Doh dildo. 

A convicted serial deviate couldn’t make this stuff up! 

In an amazingly misleading blurb for the film, some hack wrote, “Céline Sciamma brings a light and charming touch to this contemporary coming-of-age story, which is also about relationships between children, children and parents, and the even more complicated one between one’s heart and body.” 

“Charming?”  That would depend on one’s definition of “charm” and whether pre-pubescent, lesbian sex meets the definition. 

The unnamed hack has obviously never been a parent and is just as obviously blissfully  unaware that children don’t normally “come of age” until nature dictates that awareness and that “relationships” of the type graphically depicted in “Tomboys” rarely develop at age 10–except in the brainsick visions of individuals such as Ms. Sciamma. 

Certain film critics loved the movie, according to its website, effused, ” ‘Tomboy’ has more depth and heart than perhaps any film in the last several years,” David Ansen called it “touching, funny, and heartwarming.”  It also  received numerous awards and accolades from the Los Angeles Film Festival, Newfest, Qfest, Frameline, and other inconsequential organizations charmed, I’m sure, by its unnatural theme. 

   Sciamma clearly has an agenda beyond simply making a movie.  Her initial venture into schlock, the equally-acclaimed 2007 “Water Lilies,” deals with lesbian-awakening as well but focuses on adolescent girls and their locker room  expressions of warped love. 

Apparently, Sciamma felt she had to work her way down to the depths of fantasizing over the coming-out experiences of pre-tweens almost said it all about “Tomboys:” “Lesbian film fans will want to be sure to get tickets for this latest feature drama from ’Water Lilies’ director Celine Sciamma.”  So, too, will perverts and young, potential recruits to the gay lifestyle flock to see it.

The only thing remaining to be said is really a question, namely, What’s next in the homosexual movie planbook, a film examining the gay proclivities of pre-schoolers or one about lezzies in nurseries?