A Democrat friend, (yes, I do have a few of them), said to me yesterday, “Well, I’ll at least be able to keep my own insurance when Obamacare kicks in, right?” 

obamacare-fully-kicks-in/#   Her question demonstrated what is one of the slickest aspects of the intentionally-mislabeled Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 which few in Congress read before voting on it and passing it:  Few Americans outside Congress know what’s in it, either.  

The very questionable constitutionality of the PPACA will, hopefully, soon be settled by the United States Supreme Court.  The issues on SCOTUS’ docket include but are not limited to whether our federal government can legally–forget morally–order citizens to purchase health insurance or be subjected to financial penalties. 

Constitutionality aside, assuming Associate Justice Elena Kagan fails to recuse herself in the proceedings and the Court decides in favor of President Barack Hussein’s signature statute designed to seize control over one-sixth of the nation’s economy, another issue becomes almost as significant, my friend’s and millions of others’ ignorance of PPACA’s provisions.  

Justice Kagan has as little integrity as the president and despite having labored on behalf of Obamacare during her employment as Solicitor General is unlikely to choose honor over Democrat loyalty by recusing herself. 

To bolster her anticipated non-recusal and the unethical Obama administration, Democrats launched a smokescreen pre-emptive attack on the financial ethics of the lone African-American (conservative) member of the Supremes, Clarence Thomas, but that’s a whole other story. (http://bit.ly/ifP7cu)

Back to my friend. 

She’s not a stupid person, despite being a Democrat.  She’s a sweet, kind, and benevolent person although she is far too trusting.  She believes the president’s claims that she and her family will be still be entitled to keep their own insurance when Obamacare is fully implemented.  She also naïvely thinks she can keep her own doctor after that date. 

She might even believe the PPACA will cost her less and that Medicare won’t be negatively impacted but I didn’t query her on what she thought the financial or Medicare situations would be.  I didn’t want to scare her. 

I could have referred her to any number of sources which have analyzed the deleterious repercussions as opposed to unsubstantiated administration claims concerning Obamacare but I didn’t, also because of the scare factor. 

LexingtonLibertarian.com has separated the glories of the touted health-wheat from the rotten chaff of the PPACA and summarized the truth about that attempt to destroy the greatest health system on the planet.  Its substitute?  A plan admittedly patterned on Britain’s socialistic and bankrupt National Health Service which is noted for endless waits for treatment, selective care, and medical horror stories. 

ObamaCare Preview -   Lexington re-capped the “Disasters in Obamacare:” More than half of Americans will be dumped by their current providers, many will be dumped by their current doctors, some will be dumped by their employers, all of us will be dumped on by virtue increased premiums and higher taxes, and our kids and grandkids will be the greatest dumpees of all. (http://bit.ly/rnal0B)

The reasons?  Astronomical costs, physicians who opt for early retirement or go to work for the government bureaucracy rather than try to buck it, and increases of trillions of dollars in national debt.  That debt must eventually be paid by someone and Obama has nominated future generations for the task.  

Lexington Libertarian may be totally wrong and Americans could meet with national health Nirvana come 2014 and beyond.  However, that would mean, as pointed out by Lexington, that Health Care News, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the non-partisan Lewin Group and Congressional Budget Office, Democrat Senator Max Baucus, Investors Business Daily–as well as common sense–are wrong, as well. 

I’d have to vote for Lexington but do you think I could tell my friend all that?  No way!  There’s a certain comfort in Obamacare lies and in keeping Americans oblivious of what the future holds.  It serves to alleviate stress–until all the consequences of the PPACA hit the fan.