not because he is stupid,   In view of Vice President Joe Biden proving both that he thinks he’s smarter than a fifth grader and that his almost 70 year old memory is slipping faster than his boss’s poll numbers, I am forced to retract the post titled “Un-blaming Bush.”  

Barely a week ago, Biden went on WLRN in Florida and buried the worn out “Bush did it!” excuse by accepting the Obama administration’s full responsibilty for the current state and the future of the nation’s economy saying, “right now we are the ones in charge.”   Yesterday, he reinstituted the blame game.  See a clip of the VP resurrecting the tried and true “Bush did it!” mantra and trying to fool fifth graders here:  

As I suggested in the original post below, Biden might be chastised for his initial honesty.  He obviously was.    

We all know that former President George W. Bush is the cause of all the ills plaguing America, right?  After all, our current president, Barack Hussein Obama, has said so, repeatedly if sometimes indirectly.  

Joe Biden fined $219000 for   However, are Americans aware that Vice President Joe Biden has exonerated Bush, casting considerable doubts on carefully-cultivated conventional liberal-Democrat wisdom?   

VP Biden recently undercut his boss’s tired, old economic mantra of “Bush did it,” that GWB is responsible for everything from failed banks to high unemployment to the plunging stock market, as well as for chaos in American schools, rioting in the streets and, probably, for too many fat kids eating Twinkies instead of watercress wraps.  

Loose lips may have sunk Allied ships in WWII and it may be too much to hope that loosey-goosey Biden sank Obama with his remarks last week that the albatross of America’s miserable economy should be removed from Bush 43 and hung around his boss’s neck. 

More precisely, the vice president, known for speaking his mind even when there’s nothing in it, said, “Right now, understandably–totally legitimate–this [Election 2012] is a referendum on Obama and Biden and the nature of the state of the economy.” 

He also termed irrelevant the fact that most Americans still blame Bush for our economic mess: “Even though fifty-some percent of the American people think that the economy tanked because of the last administration, that’s not relevant.  What’s relevant is we’re in charge.  And right now we are the ones in charge and it’s gotten better, but it hasn’t gotten good enough.” ( 

Unusually for him, Biden got most of that right, primarily the parts about Americans still blaming Bush and that the current administration is “in charge” and has been for almost three years.  What he got wrong is that the economy has improved since it has only improved for government workers who have gotten raises while 26 million have gotten pink slips and are unemployed or underemployed. 

In addition, he didn’t explain why so many Americans persist in assigning responsibility to the previous administration.  Biden must be well aware that his administration’s tactic from Day One was to deflect that cause in Bush’s direction in order to conceal Obamian ham-handed ineptitude.  

And, maybe not.

No doubt the VP’s refreshing candor will, at best, only result in Obama calling him on the carpet and quizzing him on why he runs off at the mouth.  No doubt, too, those millions who continue to castigate Bush for everything wrong in D.C. won’t hear or read a word in Obama’s mainstream about Biden’s unsolicited confession.

Should that admission enter the realm of widely-held public knowledge and not simply be dismissed as the incoherent ramblings of Crazy Old Joe, the question then would become,  Whom can Obama blame if not Bush?   The only certainty is that he won’t blame himself.