with anti-Latino racism   Accusations of racism today are the equivalent of throwing a bomb into a large assembly and should always be avoided unless there is substantial proof of the charge’s truth.  Denial of the existence of official racism in the face of its reality is even more reprehensible, the equivalent of blowing up a society.

It’s turning out that the president of the United States, the Attorney General of the United States, and the New Black Panther Party have much more in common than race.  Call it recompense, call it reparations, that commonality is almost as ugly and damnable as any crimes committed by the Ku Klux Klan. 

Barack Hussein Obama has undertaken prodigious efforts to appear the president of all the people regardless of race and an even greater effort to conceal his radical, racist past.  Eric Himpton Holder has been more forthcoming in his racism and active discrimination toward white Americans without conceding his bigotry.  The New Black Panther Party, founded on black racism and distinguished from the old Black Panthers only by the fact most have not yet been tried and convicted, is more brazenly ingenuous about its radical racism.  

No matter Obama’s attempts to hide who and what he is, no matter Holder’s accidental admissions, if nothing else, Obama and Holder could learn a great deal about forthrightness from the NBPP.  Their learning curve aside, recent and past revelations have now linked all of them. 

After his election, Obama told America he has been running for the presidency since kindergarten.  Toward that end, he campaigned in Selma, Alabama in March, 2007.  Nothing wrong with that; he campaigned in 57 of America’s 58 states so Alabama most likely was  one of them. 

What is very wrong is that photos depicting him marching and speaking with NBPP National Chief Malik Zulu Shabazz and other members of the New Black Panther Party  were quashed and hidden from the American public for four years by Obama’s mainstream media. 

That oversight could readily be attributable to journalistic negligence–or to a covert attempt to portray their hero, their anointed one, as Everyman, a universal man who represented all of America, black, white, yellow and everyone in between, who didn’t have a racist bone in his body.

See all the pictures recovered by BigGovernment.com and the story of their recovery here: http://bit.ly/o4WtfR      

“Guilt by association,” the oft-used pejorative that we are known by the company we keep, has been held in disrepute ever since Senator Joe McCarthy showed the term frequently  has validity. 

The question is, if guilt by association is un-American, what do we call concealment of photos for years by the MSM?  Guilt by virtue of lackey journalism?  Guilt predicated on a dearth of journalistic ethics?  Guilt attributable to worship of false gods?  

Were four year old pictures the only evidence that this administration harbors deeply-felt black racist sentiments, they could be dismissed as mere happenstance, coincidences that the NBPP just happened to meet up with Obama in Selma. 

However, unfortunately for the country and for the tens of millions of Americans who were duped into voting for him in 2008 thinking he would bring hope, change, and an end to racial divisiveness, irrefutable proof that Obama and his administration systematically discriminate against white people has already been substantiated. 

Not unsurprisingly, like those damning 2007 photos, that evidence of “reverse racism” has been suppressed by Obama’s media. 

Obama’s appointment of fellow African-American Eric Holder as attorney general should have provided the clue that neither Obama nor his new appointee were on the same page as the majority of Americans. 

Eric Holder’s background of facilitating Bill Clinton’s pardon of fugitive Marc Rich, defending the terrorist Ejército Popular Boricua, negotiating a settlement in the case of Chiquita Brands paying off terrorists, his firm’s representation of Guantanomo accused terrorists, etc., were a dead giveaway that Holder was closer to being a terrorist himself than qualified to be the attorney general of the United States. 

Obama’s MSM deftly hid those pretty damned relevant details on Holder’s résumé.

called 'Fast and Furious,'   Eric Holder and his Justice Department–our Justice Department–are currently under investigation for lying to Congress about the DoJ-ATF farcical gun-running failure, “Operation Fast and Furious,” which provided Mexican drug cartels with weapons to kill our border agents. (http://bit.ly/n9v86z)   Hopefully, those inquiries will finally out Holder as the dissembling liar and dope that he is. 

It’s doubtful “Fast and Furious” involved black racism but no further proof of racism was needed after J. Christian Adams, Chris Coates, and other veteran DoJ attorneys spilled that dirt in 2010.  In sworn congressional testimony concerning the mishandling of the NBPP voter intimidation case in Philadelphia, they revealed that race rather than the rule of law governed the actions of Holder’s department. 

General Eric Holder Won't   Didn’t hear about that either?  Understandable, since Obama’s MSM covered it up or passed off the matter as inconsequential.  Want to learn more?  See http://bit.ly/oHdTBS  and an excerpt from Adams’ just-released book, Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department, here http://bit.ly/oUxDxl       

Beginning prior to his confirmation when he ripped white people as cowards, AG Holder has proven time and again that he was and is a black racist subversive.  With the aid of the media, he has successfully hidden his contempt for whites, his history of discrimination against whites, and of exonerating black NBPP thugs on no other basis than the color of their skin. 

Barack Hussein Obama has accomplished what has to be described as an amazing feat over the course of three years. 

Obama has fooled the American public into believing he is a racial healer rather than a racist divider.  He has bamboozled his media into accepting him as an untainted savior, he has placed African-Americans such as Eric Holder in positions of authority responsible for defending the Constitution who proceeded to gut it in the name of racial equality. 

He has made an unmitigated joke of Martin Luther King’s dream of making judgements of Americans predicated on “the content of their character.”

New Black Panther case   The New Black Panther Party has little to worry about with one of their own as president and another one of their own defending his racist policies.  The only people who need worry are the rest of us. 

An NBPP hoodlum in Philadelphia on Election Day 2008 ominously warned a Fox News reporter, “This is what it’s like with a black man in charge.”  In 2011, we can better appreciate that declaration.