Part One of this very mini series dealt with some darned things John Ratzenberger said and some damned things said and done by Van Jones.  Part Two deals with provocative stuff said about Steve Jobs and more lies spoken by members of America’s First Family. 

People continue to say darned things, not things Art Linkletter’s kids have would said years ago which were prcococious but things which are either downright caustic or  deceptive.  

For example, with Steve Jobs’ body barely cold, punctured numerous holes in the popular conception of the legacy and the persona of the man whose genius has been compared with DaVinci, Edison, and Einstein. 

How Does Steve Jobs Survive on   In brief, Gawker delved into “the dark side of Steve Jobs and the company he founded.”

While praising his innovation and achievement in “What Everyone Is too Polite to Say about Steve Jobs,” Gawker rips virtually everything else about him and Apple Inc.

Gawker contends that the innovative achiever was a tyranical, mean-spirited employer who publicly humiliated underlings, that Apple unfairly repressed information and competition, was guilty of knowingly violating child labor laws and human rights by establishing ”sweat shops” in China, that Jobs’ personal life was something of a mess, and he and his company were stingy with their billions. ( 

Those are some darned harsh things to say, even if they are true. 

Americans are accustomed to politicians uttering the darndest things–cynics would call them lies–especially during an election campaign and the current re-election  campaign which began the day Barack Hussein Obama was elected president is no exception. 

Still, some utterances by the POTUS–the president–and the FLOTUS–his wife stagger the imagination as much for the repetitive nature of their truth-stretching as for the pair’s blithe disregard for honesty.  

Call them falsehoods, fabrications, misstatements, or the less-politic lies, our president has accumulated legions of them, few if any of which have been reported by his mainstream media.  

Obama’s most recent mendacity was obviously intended tug at the heartstrings of a major constituency, public school teachers, at the same time he was trying to pull at congressional purse strings to get more billions to waste on his “jobs bill.”  

At a pseudo-White House press conference on Friday, pseudo since it was really just another campaign stop, Obama cited a well-credentialed but jobless teacher Robert Baroz whom the president said he had met.  As pointed out by, the president fudged the whole thing.  He never met Baroz and Baroz isn’t unemployed at all, unless Boston’s K-8 Curley School in Jamaica Plain is paying him in error. (

Ever true to his union and to Obama, Baroz dismissed the fudging as a mere oversight and  still fully supports the president.  True to their dedication to his re-election, not a soul in the MSM called Obama on his misrepresentations at the presser and once again skated away from his lies. 

No stranger to prevarications, First Lady Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama also pulled a swifty last week at a Rhode Island fundraiser raising funds for, what else, her hubby’s re-election, when she shamelessly lied in dredging up the memory of her long-deceased grandmother-in-law to score points for women’s rights and for a “fair shake” for women everywhere.     

Claiming Madelyn Dunham had been discriminated against by her employer, the Bank of Hawaii, for nearly two decades “because she was a woman,” the FLOTUS pulled out all her gender card by decrying the allegedly horrendous treatment meted out to Barack’s gandmother after first bemoaning the struggles of his mother. 

With campaign dollars dancing in her eyes, Michelle was on a tear-jerking roll as she said, “And when things got too tough for her, his grandmother stepped in, waking up every morning before dawn to take the bus to her job at the bank. . . But for nearly two decades, he’s [sic] watched as she was passed over for promotions.  Why?  Because she was a woman.  And she watched men no more qualified then she was–men she actually trained –climb the corporate ladder ahead of her.” 

Michelle then delivered her wallet-picking peroration: “So believe me, Barack knows what it means when a family struggles.  He knows what it means when someone doesn’t have a chance to fulfill their potential.” 

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama   The only trouble is that we can’t believe her or Barack.  Neither the FLOTUS nor her POTUS would know the truth if it bit them on their derrierres. 

Madelyn Dunham, sans a college education, outearned her husband, became the first female vice president in the history of the Bank of Hawaii, and bequeathed almost half a million dollars in bank stock to her only grandson, according to the Washington Post and the millionaire First Family’s 2009 tax return. ( 

Not bad for an unfulfilled woman who suffered from sex discrimination.  

I don’t know what’s worse, exposing Steve Job’s and Apple Inc.’s dirty laundry and the nature of that laundry so soon after Jobs’ death or exposing Barack and Michelle Obama’s dirty lies so close to when they will be vacating the White House.  I’d just have to say, truth hurts. 

And isn’t that a darned thing!