Shoulder-high portrait of smiling man in his fifties wearing a black turtle neck shirt with a day-old beard holding a phone facing the viewer in his left hand   The untimely death of Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs after a heroic battle against pancreatic cancer at the far too young age of 56 represents an incalculable loss for America and the world. 

A technological, innovative genius who has been rightfully compared to Albert Einstein,  Thomas Edison, even to Leonardo DaVinci, Jobs deserves all those accolades.  He transformed how we communicate, compute, and think.  He and the technological marvels he would have introduced will be sorely missed. 

What won’t be missed is the politicizing of the circumstances of his birth. 

Almost as unfortunate as his passing is the media’s studied effort, not to imagine a world without Steve Jobs’ countless contributions which imagining has been explored in depth, but not to imagine a world without Steve Jobs.  He came close to never being born.

Fox News was the only member of the media to dare mention the proximity he came to being aborted fifty six years before his life began and Fox has been pilloried for that mention. 

In brief, Jobs’ biological parents, Joanne Schieble, an American grad student and Abdulfattah John Jandali, a Syrian Muslim immigrant, didn’t want a child for a variety of reasons and considered aborting the future genius.  They scrapped that option, also for a variety of reasons, and chose instead to place their baby for adoption.  He was adopted and reared by Paul and Clara Jobs who encouraged his ingenuity.  The rest is history. 

That history cannot be refuted anymore than it can be refuted that had Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah John Jandali decided aborting their baby wasn’t the proper path to follow.  The extreme leftist organization,, differed, implicitly on the birth parents’ decision, explicitly on Fox News decision “to use his death to try to score political points.” 

Media Matters, has finally rid   Two days after his death, in a snarky article titled, “In Steve Jobs Eulogy, Fox Tries to Score Political Points,” George Soros’ Media Matters didn’t precisely spell out which political points were scored on Fox’s “The Five” but presumably was suggesting that the contentious issue of abortion is a political issue. 

Except to the left wing, abortion is no more a matter of politics than life itself.  However, as conservative writer Ann Coulter has aptly pointed out, abortion is a virtual sacrament to liberals and anyone who disagrees with that disturbed view is an evil transgressor of political correctness.  

“The Five” host Greg Gutfield evidently disagrees as does fellow panelist Kimberly Guilfoyle.  Media Matters’ Solange Uwimana proceeded to score her own points against him, quoting Gutfield as if she were quoting some satanic advocate for mass annihilation. 

Gutfield had simply said, ”So one hero in all of this is Steve’s birth mother, who gave him up for adoption instead of choosing a more finite alternative.  Imagine what a hole there would be in this world if she went the other way. . . In that sense, Steve Jobs makes me think not just of the people here but the people who aren’t.”  Guilfoyle enthusiastically concurred: “We’re all so appreciative that he was born and . . . that his mom made the choice that she did.  I think that’s fantastic.” 

See the 7 minute clip of FNC’s “Imagine a World Without Steve Jobs” here

Fantastic appreciation for life tends to grate on leftist souls as does the Fox News Network. 

Uwimana scored that sacramental point with a fact-challenged mini rant against the only conservative cable alternative to Barack Hussein Obama’s mainstream media.  As she wrote, ”Fox has repeatedly crusaded against abortion, going so far as to demonize doctors who provide abortions and groups like Planned Parenthood that offer abortion services.”

Uwimana was more pleased with “The Five’s” ever-whining Juan Williams who took issue with Gutfield and Guilfoyle and turned a celebration of Jobs’ existence into a bitching moment complaining, “I don’t know how you manage to make Steve Jobs’ life into a testament against abortion in this country.  That’s wacky to me.”  ( 

Horror of horrors, Mr. Williams!  How dare anyone state the obvious truth!  What’s really “wacky” is taking offense at innocuous admiration for Steve Jobs’ mother!   

Gutfield and Guilfoyle didn’t even spell out other salient “points,” including the logical conclusion that were it not for the millions of legally-aborted, pre-born babies in the United States over the last 48 years, another Steve Jobs could have rivaled him in his many accomplishments.  

They didn’t mention that if not for the Abortion Lobby and its mindless campaign on behalf of the execution of the pre-born, that if not for the abortionist bloodlust of groups such as Media Matters and their ilk, we could very well have cancer cures and even an iPod 12, that if not for legalized abortion, millions of potential geniuses never had the opportunity to display and implement their genius and just everyday folks never had the chance to live. 

We’ll never know.  

Steve Jobs: Apple investors in   Perhaps the greatest irony about the pro-abortionist credo is that, despite being a “progressive,” Jobs was fully aware of the circumstances of his birth and of how lucky he was to be born.  Already ill with pancreatic cancer, he demonstrated that awareness when he recounted the details in his famous 2006 Stanford University commencement address.  

A great misfortune for those who attack pro-lifers, those like Solange Uwimana, Juan Williams, and other pro-abortionists, is that they fail to understand the fundamental value and meaning of life and endorse its antithesis.