Egged on by a knowing wink from the president of the United States, other Democrat politicians,  wealthy Hollywood celebs, and SEIU labor union goons, the children and grandchildren of sixties’ anarchists and probably not a few of those grizzled, old lefties themselves and the philosophical heirs of earlier radicals have discovered a new cause to occupy their time: trashing the capitalist system that has made America the richest, most powerful, nation on the planet.

There’s no point in staging massive demonstrations against the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya since George W. Bush is long gone and those unending conflicts are now their mentor’s wars so, what to do, where to go? Why, the epicenter of American capitalism, Wall Street, the place where over half of Americans invest for their future, of course!

The new hypocritical,  insurrectionist crazies of the twenty first century have taken on the roles of the old twentieth century hypocritical, violent, insurrectionist crazies and titled their movement “Occupy Wall Street” as if titling their protest gives it some focus, a focus their forebears could boast of even if it involved defeatism, nihilism, and revolution.

To be sure, the Occupy Wall Street crowd and their fellow protestors in various other American cities share those same defeatist, nihilistic, revolutionary sentiments. However, unlike their predecessors who craved defeat and retreat in Viet Nam–and got their wish–who strove to reduce the American Dream to nothingness–and came close–whose deepest desire was the overthrow of our government–which failed–the Wall Street occupiers have no clear goals, no overriding doctrines, no logic or common sense to guide them. 

They’re just generally malcontented  with what they feel are societal inequities and angry over what they call “corporate greed” as they live in filth in Zuccotti Park with one of their slovenly number photographed defecating on an NYPD patrol car.  

 Raw sewer: An unidentified man seen defecates on a NYPD patrol car in downtown Manhattan  

Consider that their cost-free encampment at Zuccotti is situated on private land owned by Brookfield Office properties; Brookfield is a multi-billion dollar commercial real estate corporation with offices worldwide which prides itself on its capitalistic successes. (

Yo I Fucking Hate Cops   Consider the anarchic and senseless and  signs the Occupy Wall Streeters display; placards declaring, “Occupy Everything,” “Yo I Fucking Hate Cops,” “I Am Here Because of the Monsters on Wall Street” are just a few examples. (

Consider the giddy chants of topless young white women claiming they “can’t afford a shirt” and carrying signs declaring the very debatable slogan, “A Job Is a Right.” (

Consider the videotaped admission by a black woman conceding she believes in “collectivism,” attacks “corporate America” and “corporate greed,” welcomes support from extremist unions, and is encouraged by a reporter to “Keep it up.”  (     

Consider the advice offered by one of their liberal supporters, talk show host Mike Malloy who incoherenty raged, “There is only one answer to these corporate thugs: Go f — yourselves! We’ve had enough! How dare these greedy bastards–give me all of it, give me everything, give me your body, give me your spirit, give me your soul, give me your planet, give me your life – f— you!”   

Class folks, these liberals. 

I’m not sure exactly what the reporter wants the black woman to keep up anymore than I’m certain what occupying “everything” means, why the black guy hates cops, why the Wall Street “monsters” haven’t devoured the protestors , why the topless white girls think employment is an entitlement, or what Mike Malloy is sniffing.

My suspicions are that the reporter empathizes with the protests, that the “Occupy Wall Street” mobs don’t have the slightest clue as to what they’re protesting or what they want, that the black guy hates cops because he has a police record as long as his beard, that monster girl is too damned lazy to work and prefers protesting, that the white girls just enjoy showing off their mammary glands, and that Malloy has tripped out once too often. 

Not that they could or would listen but here’s a few words of sanity for the protestors:We all know our country is in dire straits. We’ve been there before and emerged stronger and more prosperous than ever; as miserable as it was, the Great Depression led to a great prosperity.  We all know jobs are scarce but they are available to those who want to work; McDonald’s CEO began by slapping up hamburgers, by the way. 

And we all know, or should know, that bare breasts in New York in October can cause severe upper respiratory infections..

It wouldn’t be nearly as much fun but the Occupy Wall Street numbnuts would be much better off if they got a grip on reality, got even temporary, menial jobs instead of wasting their time disrupting and protesting, stopped bitching at cops, obeyed the law–and covered up their breasts.  You may think you represent 99% of us but that would only be true if the rest of “us” were like you. Fortunately for the rest of us, that mistaken supposition is based on the false presumption that you make sense. 

Try taking a tour of duty in a war zone to discover how real young Americans conduct themselves.