Facts About Muffins:   Bureaucrats at the Department of Justice deny hosting conferences featuring cupcakes for which the department paid $16. apiece–not to mention $10. for cookies, coffee at a buck an ounce and snacks at $32. a head–even after its own Inspector General rebuked them for excessive spending and the DoJ agreed to monitor such expenditures more closely. 

As per Obamian protocol, the DoJ recovered its fumble, then punted–to the previous administration contending most of the conferences in question took place under George W. Bush’s watch.  In effect, Attorney General Eric Holder’s department said, We didn’t do it, Bush did it, but we won’t do it again. 

With all the charges of racism, gun running, and lying that have been lodged against Holder, $16. muffins and $10. cookies, etc. are the least of his, and our, problems but, still, it must be confer an extraordinary sense of entitlement to be able to waste precious tax monies when the nation is gasping. 

Closely related to what CBS dubbed “Muffingate” is the allegedly-racist Berkeley cupcakes scandal; both muffins and cupcakes are baked goods. 

NPR, which technically stands for National Public Radio but could more accurately be described as Nationally-susidized Public Radicals, took great umbrage at last month’s  demonstration of racism in action at the extreme University of California at Berkeley.  NPR’s Michel Martin felt the campus Republicans were unoriginal, intellectually dishonest, willfully ignorant of what minorities have endured in the past, and should “man up.” (http://n.pr/obsflZ)  

What Martin didn’t say was that this was Obamatime, payback time, so suck it up, honkies!  

Cupcakes   The Berkeley College Republicans–yes, there are a few sane kids out on the Left Coast–had hosted a “diversity bake sale,” which seems innocuous enough.  However, it was the dastardly right wing pricing structure for the cupcakes that got NPR’s collective  shorts in a wad. 

The goodies were offered for sale to white students at $2. each, to Asian-Americans at $1.50, to hispanics for $1.00, to women for $1.25, to African-Americans for seventy five cents, and to Native Americans for a quarter, quite the bargain for the ladies, Latinos, blacks, and Indians, not so much for Asians and Caucasians.  


Staged as a protest against legislation to establish race as a factor in admissions by the University of California, to judge college applicants not on their qualifications–or character content–but by the color of their skin, and to draw a concrete analogy between official “reverse discrimination” and its effects on the impacted white and Asian students, the cupcake sale didn’t go over well, at least in the minds and hearts of those outraged by “the stunt.”  

The president of the student body, Vishalli Loomba, said she was upset because the other students on campus were upset: “Students were very uncomfortable at the event and felt extremely offended, and felt unwelcome and unwanted on campus.  And it created a very divisive and uncomfortable environment.” (http://bit.ly/pGV2ed)

Well, Ms. Loomba, we can’t very well cause division and have students feeling upset, unwelcome, or unwanted, now can we?  Upsetment of prospective students screwed out of seats in Berkeley classrooms because they were cursed with white skin evidently doesn’t count. 

The good news: Despite Loomba’s upsetment and harrassment and threats by Berkeley “liberals,” the school’s College Republicans made $800. selling diverse cupcakes, testimony to the fact there is some hope for Berkeley, not much, but some.   

Even more hope comes from 3,000 miles away, from my alma mater, Fordham University, located near the belly of the South Bronx beast, where Fordham students are planning a variation on Cal-Berkeley’s “racist” event.  They’re  calling it “The REAL Affirmative Action Bake Sale.” 

The Fordham bake sale prices aren’t race-based but will consider family income, legacy status and athletic ability.  According to Michelle Malkin on HotAir.com, “Children of the very wealthy will have to pay just $0.25 for a cupcake and athletes will have to pay just $0.50.  Legacies and under-represented minorities will pay $1.00.”   

Malkin applauds the concept in that it “reflects that underrepresented minorities receive advantages–but it also points out all the ways the college admissions process isn’t exactly an academics-based meritocratic one.  Instead, it reflects all the ways college has become about so much more–and so much less–than education.”  

Malkin also wonders why all kids–including athletes–are forced to think they have to attend college when they have no interest in academics and she speculates that they and society would be better served by encouragement to pursue non-academic careers.  (http://bit.ly/pcF8Bx) 

Muffingate, the Cal-Berkeley diverse cupcake sale with its attendant rabid outrage, and the Fordham cupcake event have proven three things:  America’s bureaucracy is out of control, affirmative action is on the way back, and at least a few people haven’t yet lost their minds.