Perhaps feeling they have little to lose at this stage of his failed presidency, Barack Hussein Obama and his band of merry mutilators of the American Dream have decided to risk everything and throw their lot in with the people who most closely represent the president’s political and social philosophies.  

No, it’s not the labor unions whose support is in the bag as long as this administration  endorses salary and benefits in lieu of fiscal sanity.  No, it’s not African-Americans who though outwardly disenchanted with the president will still cast over 70% of their ballots for him next year.  And no, it’s not his other core constituencies, the homosexuals, hispanics, Jews, and the Wall Street moneybaggers.  

   Obama knows that gays are still giddy over the repeal of DADT, hispanics are aware his failure to put legalizing illegals on the front burner is a ploy to be remedied in his second term, many Jews think he doesn’t really hate Israel, and that enough of the people he called “fat cats” will open their fat wallets sufficiently wide to enable him to fill his billion dollar campaign war chest for 2012. 

Still, the Dems are taking a terrific gamble. 

It may be that the dogmatic Obama and his ideologically-driven advisers are so consumed by their arrogant sense of Alinskyite superiority that they have been blinded to the folly of offering tacit approval and advocating for the nihilism of America’s nouveau hippies, the twenty-first century’s version of Woodstock, the so-called “Occupy Wall Street” crowd. 

the Tea Party movement as   Dems are so confused over the protestors that pols such as Vice President Biden have compared them to the conservative Tea Party movement.  Such a comparison only holds water if they somehow see similarities between the slovenly, insurrectionist, nihilistic Occupiers and the clean, respectful, patriotic Tea Partiers who wave American flags while the protestors wave dirty underwear. 

Nevertheless, I hope the Obamians hang in there with their support.  Their backing of the anarchic groups who have infested Zuccotti Park in New York City for weeks and their compatriots throughout the country is a virtual endorsement of next year’s Republican ticket. 

Tuesday’s march movin’ on uptown to the deluxe pads of the rich in the sky won’t get them a piece of George Jefferson’s pie but should provide further insight into the extremist motives of the protestors and another boost to GOP prospects.  

To be sure, the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have some valid gripes; no society is perfect and any conscious human being has at least a few complaints, valid grievances over something or other.  In a democratic republic, bellyaching is properly addressed at the ballot box. 

The illegitimacy of the Occupiers’ complaints is best illustrated by an admittedly unverified, recently-released list of “demands,” a conglomeration of radical, socialistic claptrap which would effectively destroy the economy of the United States and abolish our borders.  Those alleged demands also include Obamacare for all and soon, ending the consumption of  fossil fuels, forgiveness of all debt, foreign and domestic, and outlawing credit reports. (http://bit.ly/riBS2T) 

If verified–and the listing meshes perfectly with the character of the signs, televised interviews, and the characters involved with the protests–Americans wouldn’t get a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage, as Herbert Hoover promised.  We’d be lucky to ever taste a chicken again and we’d be chopping down our garages for firewood.  

Obama’s MSM hasn’t given any attention to specific demands by the Occupiers, preferring instead to opt for sound bites mostly from the few protestors who didn’t look and smell awful and who could string a few sentences together with some cogency and without obscenities.   

Raw sewer: An unidentified man seen defecates on a NYPD patrol car in downtown Manhattan   What’s getting even less attention from the MSM are the demonstrators’ use of police cars to defecate, converting Zuccotti Park into an al-fresco bordello in a pigsty, and the marijuana stench filling the air of downtown New York.

At Woodstock in 1969, America’s crazies at least had the discretion to conduct their drug-filled orgies in an isolated dairy farm out of the public eye.  In 2011, they’re letting it all hang out and Obamians are lapping it all up, hoping against false hope that the Wall Street Occupiers of Zuccotti Park are reflective of widespread American sentiment. 

On behalf of Republican conservatives everywhere, I say, go for it, Dems.  Roll those radical dice, take your desperate gamble, buy into the absurdity that the nutcases represent 99% of the American people!  And thanks for the 2012 insurance policy!