What doth it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?  For that matter, What does it profit men, and women, to gain a health care system and lose their lives?  What does it profit a nation to gain Obamacare and lose its soul? 

Doctor Barack Obama   In touting what eventually came to be called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, better known as Obamacare, President Barack Hussein Obama pledged that the measure patterned after Britain’s National Health Service, the NHS, contained no provisions for federal government funding of abortions. 

He lied, just as he lied when he tied Obamacare to Romneycare–coincidentally after Mitt Romney became a serious threat to his re-election next year. 

The question of the constitutionality of the PPACA, the same law which then-Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi infamously said Congress had to be pass “so you can find out what’s in it,” will be taken up in the current session of the Supreme Court. 

With four confirmed liberals in his corner, including a ringer–Associate Justice Elena Kagan who was deeply involved in creating a defense of Obamacare as his Solicitor General and who so far has refused to recuse herself in the matter–Obama must be fairly confident in the PPACA being upheld as constitutional. 

Until today, it was doubtful government lawyers would push for a separate ruling on Obamacare’s CLASS feature, the long-term insurance proposal which was effectively scrapped on Friday by HHS Secretary Sebellius due to doubts as to its fiscally solvency.  CLASS was revived on Monday when the president revealed he was still committed to it.

Aside from the question of whether this administration knows what it’s doing, the long-term solvency and the sanity of the entire 2,409 page PPACA monstrosity have been as dubious from the outset, as dubious as the merits of our democratic republican government seizing control of one-sixth of the national economy and establishing itself as the arbiter of life and death.    

Nancy Pelosi may still be in love with the president’s legacy issue but few others are confident in his pledges especially regarding abortion and even fewer comprehend the  weird rationale of using the crumbling, antiquated NHS as the Obamacare model.  

In what must have been a stinging no-confidence vote, 15 members of the Democrat Party joined 236 Republicans in the House last week to pass the Protect Life Act to amend the PPACA.  The legislation would prohibit expenditure of any funds for abortion and would hold harmless health care providers who refuse to provide abortion services on moral grounds. 

As much as it is pro-life legislation, the Protect Life Act is a no-trust measure.  It merely re-inforces Obama’s hollow promise which was as trustworthy as his multiple other pledges.  Notwithstanding statistics showing 67% of Americans oppose abortion funding, the pro-abortion Democrat Senate will surely kill it or, should Senate Democrats have an unlikely attack of conscience, Obama will veto it. (http://tiny.cc/42goo)    

It was anticipated that the most pro-abortion president in America’s history would continue his killing ways and, as bizarre as it was, developing Obamacare based on Britain’s socialized medical program fits tidily with the NHS in that respect: The NHS goes out of its way to make abortion available to all comers, consciences be damned.   

The NHS experience gives an   The National Health Service is flawed in so many ways that it makes one wonder whether the president chose it to emulate as some sort of macabre joke on America.

The NHS may have served a purpose in the wake of World War II but has outlived its usefulness, is mired in bureaucracy, and often more closely resembles a failed Frankenstian experiment than a health care program.  It functioned adequately for years until too many Brits began to use it, too few wanted to contribute toward it, and it lost sight of its purpose. 

The same scenario, with similar attendant medical horror stories, will gradually unfold in the United States though not for  the same people who brought us Obamacare.  Congress cynically exempted itself–and the Obama family– from the onus imposed on the rest of us by continuing the generous, abortion-inclusive Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, FEHBP.  

During the Great Obamacare Debate, President Obama ridiculed and dismissed concerns over pulling grandma’s plug, end of life death panels, rationing care, etc., all of which have become grotesques features of the NHS, all of which and more will inevitably be incorporated into the PPACA.  

Variations of those sometimes-unwritten provisions of the NHS scheme have been detailed in this space, everything from gross neglect of patients young and old to cruelty by nurses and other hospital staff to denying care to babies who made the mistake of being born a week too early by NHS standards. 

Elderly patients condemned to early death by secret use of do not resuscitate orders    The horrors continue. 

Callous, inhumane lack of treatment for the elderly including the institutional practice of deprivation of food and liquids which amounted to euthanasia, twice “removing” a ruptured appendix, secretive DNR orders, and similar tales of life and death in formerly Great Britain would shock the value systems of all but the most unethical of people, such as America’s Democrat politicians. 

Socialism often does that.

Winston Churchill’s reflection on socialism as “a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel or envy . . . the equal sharing of misery” is rarely cited today nor is his belief that, if you’re not liberal when young you have no heart and if you’re not conservative when you get older you have no brain.

Neither observation would go over well with National Health Service administrators today nor with Obamian functionaries chomping at the bit to wreak on America what the NHS has visited on the U.K.  The NHS is a failed relic of the past, now in the process of bankrupting both itself and what’s left of the U.K. soul.  

Yet, this ”equal sharing of misery,” this failed experiment in socialized medical care, became the sine qua non, the most reliable example to copy in fashioning Barack Obama’s concept of what was medically best for Americans.  

Considering what lies in store for our patient care in our country, those who are aborted may be the lucky ones.