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No political party or philosophy has a monopoly on stupidity but with the stranglehold liberal Democrats have on the mainstream media most of the American public never gets to hear about ignorant, stupid, racist, and otherwise bigoted utterances and actions of Leftists and if and when they do become public knowledge, they are usually soon buried by the MSM and never resurrected again.    

We heard fast and furiously when Ronald Reagan said trees caused more pollution than cars, when Dan Quayle misspelled “potatoes,” when George W. Bush committed his countless gaffes, when Sarah Palin swore she could see Russia from her porch, even when Jerry Falwell speculated that Tinky Winky must be gay because he was purple and triangulated.  

We rarely if ever heard of Democrat Rep. John Conyers’ admission that he hadn’t a clue what the Obamacare bill contained before he voted for it, of Democrats Joe Biden’s or Nancy Pelosi’s numerous exercises in inserting feet into mouths, of liberal commentator Anderson Cooper slandering the Tea Party with a homosexual reference to “teabagging,” or of Democrat entertainer Sheryl Crow’s environmentalist advocacy of the one sheet of toilet paper rule.  

One of President Barack Hussein Obama’s earliest gaffes, his claim to have visited 57 of America’s 58 states during the 2008 campaign, went unreported and unnoticed for almost two years before it was given grudging attention by the MSM after everyone else was aware of it thanks largely to Fox News and the conservative branch of the blogosphere.     

Instances of vicious idiocy, the vile things America-hating, “freedom-loving,” diversity-plugging Leftists say, do, and get away with lately could fill volumes.  

A select few:   

.  At Achieve Early College High School in McAllen, Texas, situated 10 miles from the Mexican border, students were required to stand and recite the Mexican national anthem and Mexican pledge of allegiance in a Spanish class. 

To her enviably patriotic credit, 15 year old Brenda Brindson refused and said later, “I just thought it was out of hand, I didn’t think it was right.  Reciting pledges to Mexico and being loyal to it has nothing to do with learning Spanish.”  

Young Ms. Brindson deserves the Medal of Freedom.  Repercussions for her Mexican native teacher?  None.  See the full story and Brenda’s video here http://tiny.cc/98wrn.   

.  President Barack Hussein Obama, aptly characterized as “The Gaffe Machine” by Michelle Malkin, often ventures beyond mere mental and verbal lapses into the realm of downright venomous–and dumb–attacks.   

Our perpetually-campaigning president on the non-campaign road again re-launched an ancient Dem canard when he said that the Republican jobs plan boiled down to “Dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance” as opposed to his plan to put people back to work. (http://tiny.cc/nblqi)

Aside from our scholar-leader’s grammatical faux pas in saying “less” when “fewer” is the correct usage, that tired crowd-pleasing line presupposes Republicans revel in the idea of  breathing foul air and drinking fetid water, want their kids and grandkids to do the same, and get off by depriving Americans of proper medical attention and unemployment lines. 

Will the media rebuke Obama for his mud-slinging?  That’s as likely as the MSM condemning Nancy Pelosi for saying “women can die on the floor” if House Republicans passed the Protect Life Act.  (They did; no dead women on any floors, yet.) 

.  The full story of arch-Leftist actress Susan Sarandon may never be told although she recently displayed her extreme liberalism and bigoted anti-Catholic spleen in Long Island’s elitist Sag Harbor. 

Safe and far removed from the Occupy Wall Street crazies she and her fellow liberals support, Sarandon saw fit to divert her heartfelt affiliation from the crazies to Pope Benedict XVI. Without clarification or questioning from her enthused audience, the activist-actress described the Pope as “this Nazi.” (http://tiny.cc/npxa4)

If questioned, Sarandon can always defend herself by reminding any critics of her remark that she was raised in the Catholic Church and is therefore entitled to slime its patriarch but she won’t be asked.  After all, George W. Bush was called a Nazi for eight years by liberals and they weren’t asked.     

.  Sarandon’s Occupy Wall Street anarchists have been getting away with everything this side of murder while engaged in some of the most disgusting protests since their forebears spat on soldiers returning from the Viet Nam War.  (You may recall that war.  It was the one during which another lefty, Jane Fonda, committed treason in Hanoi and was feted on her return.)  

zuccott-park-occupy-wall-street-moonbats   Most of the media mainstreamers prefer to focus on the few cogent OWS demonstrators and placards denouncing corporate greed and avoid coverage of the filth, pot stench, and public fornication at Zuccotti Park  and  blatantly-subversive protestors preaching the violent overthrow of American government and the hate-filled signs they carry.   

occupy-los-angeles-anti-Semitism   One particular segment of the OWS crowd has been engaging in free speech the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Kristallnacht in 1938 Nazi Germany.  They, too, get an MSM pass. 

Among their signs are scrawled denunciations of “Jewish Bankers,” “It’s Yom Kippur Banks Should Atone,” and similar anti-Semitic rants.  All are apparently endorsed by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, the Clintons, Al Sharpton, Roseann Barr and other Democrat liberals.   

See a clip of true neo-Nazi demonstrators and their backers here http://tiny.cc/0lqak   

.  A final example of the mainstream media sunk in the bowels of ignorant, and ignored,  racism comes to us from that bastion of illiberality, home of Sharpton and Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow, MSNBC.   

MSNBC’s black commentator Melissa Harris Perry explained all we need to know concerning taxes, welfare, and crime in America.  It all comes down to racism: Complaining about taxes is racist, references to welfare are racist, and talking about crime is racist. (http://tiny.cc/2cxz2)   

Now that we understand all that, we can dispense with all this thinking that Leftists- liberals-Democrats are out of touch with reality and better understand why it’s incumbent on the rest of the MSM to cover for them: They’re too stupid to cover for themselves.  Just don’t inquire what would happen to conservatives if they said or did anything approximating that stupidity.