They’re done with Michelle Bachmann who was successfully painted as just another stupid, Republican woman like Sarah Palin despite her law degrees and stint as an IRS attorney. 

They ignore Gary Johnson, Buddy Roemer, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, and Ron Paul because none of them stand a chance of snagging the GOP nomination.  They buried Donald Trump under a still-suspect birth certificate and have labeled Herman Cain as nothing more than a token, a pizza store owner.  They’re still in process of dismantling Rick Perry with charges of stupidity and blood lust and have made Mitt Romney an Obamacare accomplice.    

File:Marco Rubio by Gage   However, Obama’s Democrats never feared any of them with the gut terror they experience with a 40 year old son of an immigrant, the newly-elected United States senator from the State of Florida, Marco Antonio Rubio. 

Right now, Senator Rubio poses the major threat to President Barack Hussein Obama because he’s the anti-Obama, the embodiment of everything the president isn’t–pro-life, pro-balanced budget, pro-family and normal marriage, pro-charter schools, pro-drilling, pro-Second Amendment, pro-strong national defense, pro-real government and tax reform, and pro-border security. 

If that were not sufficient to scare the pants off liberals, Rubio opposes Obamacare, amnesty for illegal aliens, phony economic stimuli, endless death row appeals, federal intrusions into public education, crippling cap and trade legislation, card check legislation, and punitive taxation. 

Obama Ears   Oh, and he loves his country, he’s an hispanic Catholic, and he doesn’t have Dumbo ears, a definite cosmetic plus in our looks-obsessed culture. 

What Marco Rubio also has are credentials and credibility, features sorely lacking in the current White House resident.

Born in 1971 to Cuban immigrants–legal immigrants, not the kind Obama favors–graduate of the University of Florida, University of Miami School of Law (cum laude), 5-term member of the Florida House of Representatives, elected Speaker of that body in 2007, published author (without Bill Ayers’ ghostwriting), elected to the United States Senate in 2008, Rubio outshines Obama across the board but isn’t a candidate opposing him.  

The reason then for the Obamian fear, terror, and loathing?  Rubio is an excellent bet for vice presidential nominee, the prospect of which is causing diarrhea in the ranks of  Obama’s Democrat National Committee and necessitating the Dem attack machine to consider launching their salvos and brickbats.    

DNC hired guns Leno and Letterman haven’t as yet gotten their marching orders to begin ridiculing Rubio but give it time.  They have to finish off other Republicans first before they start the formidable task of digging up and making up dirt about him.

Marco Rubio may not be running but, as Hamlet said, “There’s the rub,” the challenging obstacle for Democrats.  Do they load their slings and arrows and aim now at this problematic upstart and pre-emptively destroy him or wait until he’s nominated?    

They’ve opted for pre-emption.  Unable to attack Rubio directly, the onslaught began with his family. 

Spanish-language Univision dredged up a decades-old drug conviction of Rubio’s brother-in-law in July and reportedly used the threat of publishing the story to force Rubio to make an appearance on the network.  He refused and the unethical tactic resulted in GOP presidential aspirants boycotting Univision. 

Unfazed by the rebuff, others in Obama’s mainstream media tried to insinuate Rubio was ineligible for the presidency or vice presidency since his parents weren’t born in the United States even though he was.  That fatuous claim was soon abandoned. 

See the full account of those leftist failures at defamation here    

Still undeterred, the Washington Post picked up the hack-Rubio hatchet last week with a hit piece alleging Rubio embellished his family resume’ by suggesting his parents were exiles from Castro’s Cuba. 

His parents initially arrived–again, legally–in the U.S. in 1956, three years before Castro seized power and WaPo and was unable to source any proof that Rubio had ever said otherwise other than a passing reference on the senator’s website.  

In a mistitled rebuttal to WaPo on, “Marco Rubio: My Family’s Flight from Castro’s Cuba,” Rubio explained that Mario and Oria Garcia Rubio didn’t flee the Communist regime but rather were unable to return to Cuba after Castro seized power, a significant difference from the outrageous Washington Post lie and Politico misrepresentations. 

See Rubio’s defense of his exiled parents and condemnation of Castro’s Communism on here  

As long as Marco Rubio is perceived as a threat, nothing he says or does will have any relevance to what Obama’s MSM will be reporting.  The deconstructing drumbeat has only  just begun and the beat no doubt will continue, go on and on.  The other sure thing is that the rain of abuse and falsehoods concerning Rubio will resume if and when he takes on Joe Biden in 2016.