Okay, let’s give the man some credit, but not too much.  

President Barack Hussein Obama is claiming his drawdown of America’s forces in Afghanistan enabled the capture and summary execution by Navy Seal Team Six of Osama bin Laden and he has announced the complete withdrawal of American troops from Iraq by year’s end. 

The former is a stretch but plausible even if then-CIA Director Leon Panetta actually gave the order to get Osama while Obama went to bed.  At least the president didn’t obstruct the operation. 

The Iraq bug-out will constitute an accomplishment only if our departure doesn’t send a signal to neighboring Iran to fill the vacuum, a distinct possibility that terrifies many Iraqis and may make them long for the good, old days of Saddam Hussein and his sadistic sons.

When Obama concludes what he called the “necessary war” in Afghanistan and withdraws our troops from that sorry land, a comparable disaster could ensue. 

Demonstrating his contempt for the nation that put him in power, Afghani President  Hamid Karzai has  already declared an alliance with another former U.S. friend, Pakistan, and when his  government implodes under the weight of corruption, America will find itself back to square one in the region. 

Yet another questionable plus in the Obama column is his non-interference with the drone that took out the terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki.  Obama hasn’t boasted much about that action since al-Awlaki was an American citizen and killing him is widely interpreted as an unconstitutional abuse of power by our constitutional-scholar president.  

None of those accomplishments-by-inaction will endear him to peaceniks in his Democrat Party nor to members of the committee that awarded Obama a Nobel Peace Prize but that’s a whole other story as is whether they will help him win re-election with the American  economy mired in the doldrums.   

After the plaudits for those questionable coups subside, the most immediate issue on  Obama’s foreign policy table right now is, What has he wrought in the Mideast? 

What comes to mind is the age-old aphorism that the devil you know sure beats the devil you don’t.  America’s current president has rescued a number of devils at the same time he has sent some to Hell.  

What hath Obama wrought?  

In the Libyan non-war, the euphemestic “kinetic military action” Obama swore would last days not weeks and went on for seven months, our Tomahawk missiles and drones softened up the defenses of Col. Khadafi’s loyalists and put him on the run until rebel forces trapped him in a sewer drain and executed him. 

Free For Libya   Libya thus rid itself and the world of the mad dog, a man who had called Obama ”our son” and whose friendship was reciprocated by our president before he turned on his “dad.”  In turn, Rev. Louis Farrakhan, who used to address Obama as “brother,” then asked his bro, “Who the hell do you think you are?” 

More pertinent questions now would be, What have you done, who and what are taking Khadafi’s place, and what now?  

In large part, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, chairman of the National Transitional Council, answered those queries when he declared that Libyan laws would have Sharia, the Islamic code, as its “basic source.”  Those would be the same 1400 hundred year old rules of conduct banned in Norway, established by Islamic decree in parts of London and under which the Islamic Republic of Iran operates and uses to stone women to death. 

Still unanswered are questions relating to suspicions of al Qaeda influences on Libya’s revolution and new government.  If substantiated, that affiliation would be far more ominous for the United States than Sharia.  

What hath Obama wrought?

Before Libya there was Egypt where Obama greased the skids for deposing a nominal ally and paved the way for that country to replace Hosni Mubarak with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.  Waiting in the Egyptian wings to seize power is the sinister Muslim Brotherhood, motto, “Islam is the solution,” and which is dedicated to establishing a worldwide Islamic caliphate. 

For all his corrupt despotism, Mubarak was still our corrupt despot, our ostensible friend who had continued for decades Anwar Sadat’s policy of keeping peace with Israel.  Now, who knows? 

What hath Obama wrought? 

Future developments in the aforementioned Iran will certainly prove to be either President Obama’s greatest achievement or his most ignominious and disastrous failure. 

Contrary to all common and historical sense, America’s first and only chief executive with family ties to the Muslim World has bowed to Arab potentates and bowed to the tyrannical Iranian mullahs and Iran’s nominal leader by seeking engagement with maniacs. 

   Iran’s commitment to developing and deploying nuclear missiles and weapons is a revelation only to those oblivious of President Ahmadinejad’s and his Islamic puppeteers’ avowed commitment to an Apocalyptic cataclysm.  

Their long-desired Armageddon would effect the “End Times,” more accurately, the end times for Western civilization and the institution of global Islamic supremacy.    

Yet, Barack Obama wants “to dialogue” with people who unashamedly admit to wanting the obliteration of Israel, America’s only credible ally left in the Mideast to be followed by the eradication of Europe and the United States?   

Neville Chamberlain would indeed be proud. 

Unless President Obama can give a rational explanation for abandoning his murderous Lybian friend Khadafi to the possible ungentle mercies of al Qaeda, unless he can explain dumping Egypt’s benign Mubarak in favor of the fanatic Muslim Brotherhood, unless he can defend negotiating with Iranians who want us and the Western world dead and buried, he would be well-advised to resign and rest on his dubious bin Laden, Iraq, and al-Awlaki laurels.  

What Barack Obama has wrought, what he has bestowed on the American people through his mishandling of the Arab Spring, has the potential of erupting into situations no one will be able to control and when they do he won’t be able to blame Bush.