We found 13 Barack Obama masks    President Barack Hussein Obama took some time off from his busy campaign schedule on his million dollar Canadian-built bus to pay a Tuesday visit to Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show.”  He wasn’t nearly as funny as he was a few years ago when he ridiculed Special Olympics kids but he did tickle The Chin and Leno’s audience with some decent yuks. 

The same night, 3000 miles away in New York City, Dave Letterman was doing his assigned shtick for the prez on the “Late Show” by abusing every Republican presidential candidate in sight, including making cracks about people with funny names like “Mitt” and “Newt” and “Herman.” 

Who would want a president with a funny name, Dirty Dave asked rhetorically, apparently forgetting we currently have a chief executive with the funniest name in history.  The Ed Sullivan Theater crowd seemed to have missed the irony and laughed themselves silly over “Mitt,” “Newt,” and “Herman.” 

President Barack Obama's   Out on the Left Coast, riskily appearing without his trusty teleprompters, a mistake he made in 2009 when he compared his poor bowling game to how Special Olympians would bowl, Barack didn’t put his foot in his mouth again although he wasn’t awfully amusing either. 

Obama’s best comic line delivered in response to Leno’s anticipated question on his potential opponents in 2012 was that he was ”going to wait until everybody’s voted off the island,” an unsubtle reference to the TV show “Lost” and an unsubtle dig at his opposition as nothing more than actors.  

The president also rambled on about “The fancy presidential limosine . . . smelling like waffles,” a spot on his tie, and his search for Wet Wipes to clean his teeth, far too much information and farther from entertaining. (http://politi.co/vQw3KT)   

Obama insisted he wasn’t yet paying any attention to the Republican debates and gave a few words of attention to the killing of Libya’s Col. Khadafi. 

Left unsaid was that his slew of scrutineers are paying close attention to everything he and Republicans say and do, that his writers wrote that “Lost” quip, that the waffle smell was relevant to nothing, and that Khadafi was Obama’s erstwhile buddy.          

Obama may have gotten grayer over the past few years but neither he nor his handlers have missed a step in executing the fine art of political subterfuge. 

Forestalling any embarrassing questions such as when Human Events’ Jason Mattera asked Vice President Biden to explain his bizarre contention that more rapes and murders will take place unless Obama’s jobs bill were passed and Biden erupted with a finger-pointing, “Don’t screw with me!” this campaign excursion was more carefully scripted. 

Local reporters and nosy photographers were excluded from Obama’s appearance at his $35,000 a head, celebrity-studded Los Angeles fundraisers and from his opulent digs at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel but were welcomed with open arms at Roscoe’s Chicken and  Waffles in L.A., the probable source of the waffle-y odor. 

Image is critical for our self-proclaimed “Warrior of the Middle Class” hypocrite of a president.  It’s pretty safe to say not many if any of America’s middle class were on the invite list for the $35,800 blast but that lots were on-hand at Roscoe’s and they vote in far greater numbers than celebs. 

If Obama really wants to knock ‘em dead when he eventually takes his show on the road with Letterman, he and the people who dictate what he says should ditch the waffles and make sure his teleprompters are operable and feeding him better lines.