zuccotti-park-lowlife   Anyone who has ever had burdensome college loans to pay off, anyone who has lost a decent job and can’t find another, anyone who ever bought a house he couldn’t afford, anyone who lost a bundle in stock market downturns while banks and auto companies received billions in bailouts must have felt at least a minimal degree of empathy for the Occupy Wall Street protestors. 

Anyone who still believes they deserve empathy is a damned fool. 

Whoever organized the initial disorganized demonstrations over a month ago may have had valid beefs with the establishment but the protests have long since been co-opted by the most radical elements within and from outside American society. 

   Communists, neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, skinheads, and anarchists representing extremist fringes now seem to comprise the bulk of the occupiers and are working to direct the rudderless group toward lawless chaos which promises to deliver to any sincere protestors a nation only anarchists would want.  

As OWS-inspired demonstrations spread like pestilence throughout the country and the world, they grew increasingly violent and intractable after notable, wealthy liberals from President Obama and Vice President Biden on down to Michael Moore and Alec Baldwin  gave them stamps of approval.  

And, it’s getting worse:

.  When representatives of nations such as China, Iran, and Russia where similar demonstrations would be met with repression, jail time, and worse, joined the chorus of OWS supporters, something is evidently, seriously wrong with Occupy Wall Street. 

.  When the disgraced and disbanded ACORN and billionaire capitalist/America-hater George Soros emerged as surreptitious OWS financiers, the protestors become nothing more than corrupted stooges. 

.  When dissatisfaction with one’s lot in life and with societal inequities led to violating the rule of law and the rights of others and to threats of mayhem and murder, that dissatisfaction was transformed into an intolerable revolution. 

To deny those inequities is to deny reality. 

However, what OWS fails to grasp is that no society and no government is capable of guaranteeing perfect equality.   Opportunity, yes, perfection, not even close. 

Some people are born more intelligent, more competent, and better looking than other people.  Such genetic truths, however regrettable, are unavoidable and irremediable by statute or by riots.  

They also don’t comprehend–or don’t want to understand–that marching, drumming, and disrupting in a democratic republic are not effective routes to reform and change.  Determined diligence, patience, and the ballot box are.  

With all its warts and flaws, even with a socialist president, the United States still stands as the last, best place on Earth for diligent, patient, law-abiding individuals to achieve and excel.  No greedy bankers, no multimillionaire CEO’s, no rich labor union chiefs, and no one-term chief executive, can deprive them of that unalienable privilege–unless they give up.  

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy famously reacted to protests by men who could have been the parents and grandparents of the irrationally-angry OWS demonstrators by saying, “It’s very hard in the military or personal life to assure complete equality.  Life is unfair.”  He was referring to reservists who, peacefully, objected to being called to duty again after many had served in Korea.  

The Occupy Wall Street crazies are no longer peaceful and never did complain about serving their country.  They are mostly the progeny of indulgence, the wayward products of an educational system that inculcated false self-esteem instead of values and learning, the disenchanted losers in the difficult game of life serving only themselves. 

Life is definitely unfair but doubly unfair to those who refuse to participate in the game and who substitute chaos for the game rules.