Listening President Obama? recently published an article by Jonathan Alter titled, “Obama Miracle Is White House Free of Scandal.”  There are very few better examples of liberal obtuseness and evidence they suffer from acute political astigmatism.  

Alter, liberal author, liberal columnist, senior editor of Newsweek for 28 years who helped drive that liberal magazine into virtual bankruptcy and its sale for the tidy sum of one dollar, frequent contributor to Al Franken’s liberal Air America which filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy, still appears as a commentator on liberal MSNBC among other liberal MSM and still totally idolizes liberal president Barack Hussein Obama. 

Did I mention Jonathan Alter is liberal? 

Evidently flummoxed by fellow leftists’ waning support for our failing, flailing chief executive, Alter successfully attempts in his piece on Obama’s miraculous avoidance of scandal, its “scandal-less state,” to be as honest and transparent as the hero he so deeply admires. (

Halloween A Jack-o'-lantern   “Obama Miracle” would be comical if not for the Halloween-y scariness of its author’s knowing commission of deceptions. 

Alter skirts the dirt and completely avoids reference to what is rapidly developing into the most contemptible presidential scandal since Republican president Richard Nixon lied about Watergate and Democrat president Bill Clinton lied under sworn oath. 

In fact, Obama’s scandals are far worse than Nixon’s and Clinton’s.  They merely lied to protect their sorry arses and to deceive the American people but Nixon was just stupid and Clinton just a congenital liar.  Obama, and his henchmen, have not only lied but have cost the country hundreds of millions of dollars and, more reprehensibly, have cost the life of a border patrol agent.  

That last, deadly fiasco, the grossly-botched Department of Justice/ATF Fast and Furious gun-running operation, effectively gave some 1500 weapons to Mexican drug cartels to wreak havoc south of our border and to murder agent Brian Terry. 

Operation Fast and Furious   Government and law enforcement agencies often foul up stings like Fast and Furious.  What they are not expected to do is what Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder has done, lie and obstruct congressional inquiries into what went wrong. 

Jonathan Alter’s reaction to Fast and Furious and its relevance to administration scandals?  Fast and Furious?  What Fast and Furious?  Alter would sooner air Holder’s filthy New Black Panther Party linen!  

Despite Jonathan Alter's   Either Alter is ignorant, obtuse, Obama’s cover-up point man, or all three.       

While praising the president’s honesty, character, and integrity without sourcing any of those debatable attributes, Alter lambastes Republicans for allegedly tarnishing Obama’s reputation and attacks the Obamian favorite whipping network, Fox News, for  “manufactured controversies,” also without providing any substantiation. 

He criticizes GOP Rep. Darrell Issa’s contentions that Obama’s is “one of the most corrupt administrations” in history, a view predicated mainly on the White House and Justice Department consistently stonewalling on every issue Issa is trying to investigate. 

He accuses Fox of manufacturing stories concerning the multitude of Obama’s extremist  “policy czars,” those secretive heads of agencies recruited from the leftist fringes and put in place without congressional scrutiny.

Alter knows full well that stonewalling, refusals to cooperate with legally-constituted authorities, is invariably indicative of illegalities and unethical conduct.  At the very least, they put the lie to this president’s vaunted, unfulfilled, transparency. 

As for Fox, he knows that the only conservative alternative to the liberal mainstream media has exposed far more than just the czar scandals but some things are best left unmentioned. 

One of the few unscandalous scandals Alter does cite is the half-billion dollar Solyndra debacle, Obama’s “green” loan scam which he dismisses as “dumb, but so far not criminal or even unethical on the part of the administration.”  The operative words there are “so far” and the only reason criminality has not yet been proven is, again, obstructive stonewalling. 

Purely oversights, I’m sure, are Alter’s failure to comment on Obama’s personal investment of $50,000 in Solyndra, its kickbacks to DNC coffers, and Solyndra officials busily lobbying the White House for the $535,000,000 crony loan. 

When arch-lib Jon Stewart and Obama’s hometown Chicago Tribune ( say the whole Solyndra thing stinks, if it’s not a scandal, what is? 

As for another non-scandal, the piddling waste of hundreds of more millions in taxpayer money on the satellite broadband company, LightSquared, whose execs and Obama buddies had also plied the Democrat Party with tons of “donations,” Alter acts as if it doesn’t exist.    

Alter barely touches on, and then only selectively, other smelly administration conflicts  with its “premium on personal integrity.” 

He grudgingly recalls then-Treasury Department Secretary nominee Timothy Geithner’s “tax problems in 2009.”  However, he doesn’t seem to remember at all Obama’s nominating Tom Daschle to head the Department of Health and Human Services or his pick of Bill Richardson as Secretary of Commerce.  

Geithner was approved by the Democrat Senate and went on to help run the economy into the pits; Daschle withdrew his nomination for HHS Secretary when it turned out he forgot to pay $128,000 in taxes and became a lobbyist instead; Richardson beat a grand jury investigation for his pay-to-play shenanigans after Obama’s DoJ decided for some reason not to pursue the matter and he became New Mexico’s governor.    

None of the above scandals say much for Obama’s and AG Holder’s sense of ethical responsibility or of the president’s comprehension of what the nation needed at Treasury, HHS, or Commerce although they speak volumes about this administration’s scandalous lack of competence and ethics.  To be gracious, they are also testimony to Jonathan Alter’s poor memory.