Mitt Romney speaks during a      Conservative Marco Rubio is  Definitive results of Republican preferences for their party’s 2012 nominee for president of the United States are far from in although thousands have  expressed their opinions in non-binding state straw polls.  There won’t be any real results until the numbers from the January 3rd Iowa caucuses and January 1oth New Hampshire primary are tabulated. 

Still, based on early polls, the debates, educated guesses, and inconsequential straw ballots, pundits and non-pundits alike have a gut feeling on who will snag the gold GOP ring and, perhaps more importantly, who should be the nominee’s choice for a running mate. 

As of now, it looks like former Massachusetts governor Willard Mitt Romney for the top spot.  Assuming Mitt wants to win on November 6th,2012, he will pick Florida’s Senator  Marco Antonio Rubio to run with him against President Barack Hussein Obama and Person-to-be-Named-Later, after Obama tests how the fickle political winds are blowing.

Designated late night Democrat hatchetmen Leno and Letterman would have tons of idiotic fun poking ridicule at “Willard” and “Marco” while ignoring the equivalent hilarity of “Barack” and his comical gaffes and ineptitude but they won’t get the chance unless Willard and Marco share the GOP ticket.

As we all know, things can change quickly and dramatically in the world of contemporary politics.  Witness New York Senator Hillary Clinton’s unexpected fade in the 2008 Democrat presidential sweepstakes and, more recently, Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s and Gov. Rick Perry’s falls from grace among Republicans. 

We also know the sheer terror Rubio has struck in the liberal minds and soul-less hearts of Obama’s MSM as seen in the current campaign by the Washington Post, et al. to deconstruct Rubio based on an innocent error concerning the date of his parents’ flight from Castro’s Cuba.  The lib theory seems to be, when you have nothing, go with it, the same angle they unsuccessfully used on Herman Cain.

Good man that he is, Cain can’t be elected despite his recent popularity; he’s even more inexperienced and unqualified to be president than a certain community organizer was three years ago and lacks the advantage of mainstream media backing him and  concealing his flaws. 

Barring some catastrophic event, a Hillary insurrection, or Obama pulling an LBJ, he will head the Democrat ticket next year and, barring a miracle, Romney will be the Republican nominee.   He will then have to decide whether to beat Obama or try once again to win in 2016 

If Romney decides to go middle-of-the-road and chooses a like-minded VP nominee, I plan to go fishing rather than vote on Election Day just as his father did when Barry Goldwater ran for president in 1964.  I strongly suspect I will be joined at the ol’ fishing hole by millions of other disenchanted conservatives fed up with Republicans in Name Only. 

We will no doubt regret Obama’s re-election, maybe even weep at the prospect, take some small comfort in hopes for 2016, and remember that Goldwater’s defeat in ’64 paved the way for Ronald Reagan’s landslide victories in ’80 and ’84.  

Mitt Romney is, at best, a modified, flipping, flopping RINO with enough liberal baggage to choke a Dem donkey and his election next year would insure four more years of Obama-lite foreign and domestic policies.  The alternative is four more years of Obama-high test, four more years of waffling and bowing to Arab potentates, four more years of economic malaise, four more years of racial politics disguised as racial healing, and worse. 

It’s a tough call but should Mitt not name Marco, the only viable, true Reaganite out there, to the number two slot, a Romney-Anyone Else ticket has to be voted down.  Rubio has declared his lack of interest in running as VP just as Bush 41 did before he became the Gipper’s veep but, when duty calls and if Romney picks up the phone, he will sign on. 

Holding our collective noses is an awkward way to vote for people we don’t like or agree with and has been a tried, true–and defeatist–approach for conservatives in the past.  This time around, let’s adopt a more positive tactic: Pressure Romney en masse to pick Rubio and, should he not, head for the fishing hole.