They came for Donald Trump and buried him under a birth certificate.  They went after Tim Pawlenty and ridiculed him as Mr. Milquetoast.  They attacked ignored Ron Paul into a nonentity.  They abused Michelle Bachmann for virtually everything she said or did.  They convinced Chris Christie he was too fat to be president.  

   Because of his race, Herman Cain presented a very sensitive target to openly castigate so they mostly just called a black man anti-African-American and a token stooge for the Republicans, all the while concealing the fact they both feared and hated him. 

“They,” the Democrat establishment, the Democrat mainstream media, their flacks, hacks, and lackeys in the news and entertainment world, were terrified to the core by this phenomenon, an independent, conservative, pro-life, pro-business, self-reliant Republican black man who threatened to turn their liberal world upside down. 

They hate him for the threat he poses.  

They hate Herman Cain because he represents a clear and present danger to the very foundations of today’s Democrat Party, to the class warfare Democrats have chosen as their primary campaign strategy, to the racial divide they have carefully constructed, to the parasitic dependency they have created, to their lock on African-American and other minority constituencies.   

So what is it about hatred   They fear and hate Herman Cain because he exposes Democrats for what are. 

For the most part, Cain’s fellow African-Americans were delegated the task to smear him. 

Harry Belafonte quickly stepped to the fore, ludicrously labelling Cain “a bad apple” and telling Joy Behar, “It’s very hard to comment on someone who is so denied intelligence.”  C’mon Ol’ Harry, why not just come out and say you think he’s stupid because he disagrees with you? 

Jesse Jackson, Jr., showing he’s even dumber than his father, condemned Cain for saying blacks are “brainwashed” after Barack Hussein Obama had virtually ordered the Congressional Black Caucus to just quit complaining, fall in line, and vote for him.  Consider how much Obama has done for the black community and its 17% unemployment rate. 

When a response was needed for Cain’s criticism of Planned Parenthood and its founder, eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who advocated the eradication of Negroes in America, it fell to PP’s Veronica Byrd to handle the responding and say he “is out of the mainstream.”  Byrd is director of black media for PP’s Action Fund. 

Democrats fear and hate Herman Cain, and with good reason, but they assign African-Americans to repudiate and attack him since hypocritical white Democrats don’t have the nerve.  Jon Stewart and Janeane Garafolo are the rare exceptions to that standing rule but they don’t count; Stewart is an admitted clown and Garafalo a known lunatic. 

Whether Cain overcomes the latest onslaught on his character and reputation, the “high-tech lynching” suffered by another black conservative, Clarence Thomas, twenty years ago, and goes on to become president is less relevant than what he has already accomplished.  Cain has outed Democrats as terrified, hate-filled hypocrites who tolerate blacks only if they tow the liberal line and keep blacks in that line.