The mainstream media, currently Barack Hussein Obama’s mainstream media, has long specialized in selective reporting and commentary, highlighting stories and events which comfortably mesh with their liberal slant, overlooking or otherwise minimizing those that don’t. 

The liberal print media has perfected that science of unethical journalistic malpractice by squeezing non-meshing stories into inch and a half boxes on pages 49 or 71 which few people read while the liberal broadcast and cable media simply ignore them since, after all, their time is limited. 

Matt Drudge unearthed and publicized the whole, sordid Bill-Monica tale weeks before the MSM ever mentioned sleaze in the Oval Orifice and stained blue dresses.  Bubba was their boy and they would do nothing to tarnish his aura.  Sound familiar?  Time reporter Nina Burleigh even offered Clinton a Lewinsky during his impeachment saga to thank him for keeping abortion legal. 

Bubba wisely passed, I think. 

Former presidential hopeful Jumpin’ Johnny Edwards didn’t pass on much in his pursuit of the 2008 Democrat nomination, least of all with Rielle Hunter.  While his wife lay dying, he was kicking up his tarheels for months with Rielle, fathered her child, and paid her off, all under the unknowing noses of the keen investigative staffs of the MSM who didn’t want smarmy facts to get in the way of Edwards’ candidacy.  

Ultimately, it took the National Enquirer to expose Edwards publicly after he exposed himself privately. 

Yet, two years later, the mainstreamers were all over Republican Mark Sanford’s scandal  when he was caught doing an Edwards with an Argentinian floozie instead of governing South Carolina or hiking the Appalachian Trail.  

To paraphrase the motto of the degraded Old, Grey Lady, The MSM covers all the news it sees fit to  cover.  

In the latest example of skewed reporting, mainstream newsers covered the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations from Day One, but there’s MSM coverage and then there’s honest coverage. 

Since the protests against greed were occurring in the belly of the greed beast–where at least half of Americans have invested their futures–and were taking place in the economic capital of the world and spreading like a plague throughout the country, the MSM could hardly avoid noticing, even if it was noticing selectively.  

Now seven weeks old in New York, from the outset the demonstrations had an anarchic streak.  Within days they began attracting more and more dregs of civilized society and as they contaminated the land they drew more and more neo-Nazis, neo-Communists, and those good, old-fashioned stalwarts of every social upheaval: revolutionaries, anti-Semites, cop-haters, skinheads, perverts, thieves, and vagrants. 

However, what has become curiouser and curiouser in the past week is the liberal mainstreamers’ awakening to the growing chaos, not to the anarchic elements of that chaos but mainly to the rapes, the molestations, and the thievery going on in various OWS encampments when representatives of the so-called 99% took time outs from protesting and disupting to violate the human rights of their fellow ninety-nine percenters.  

Those attacks on individual rights and safety were considered newsworthty, radical efforts to undermine the foundations of the nation were not.  

Some attention was finally paid to police tear-gassing OWS rioters in Oakland and elsewhere and to NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s empty threats to clear Zuccotti Park but the primary news centered on the rapes, molestations, and thieveries occurring among the Occupiers with, at best, tangential references to the violent social upheaval at the heart of the protests. 

As serious as rapes, etc. are, where is the focus on the domestic and foreign supporters of what is rapidly becoming a national insurrection?  

Those “supporters, sponsors, and sympathizers” have been listed, sourced, and documented by 

They include the Communist Party USA, the American Nazi Party, the government of North Korea, the Nation of Islam, Hugo Chavez, George Soros, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, the Black Panthers, and the Marxist Student Union, among other classic exemplars of anti-Americanism. (  

On November 1st, the leftist posted an article titled, “99 To 1: Six Pictures From The Wall Street Culture War.” 

One picture featured a bald, bearded OWSer holding a sign proclaiming, “You Did This to My Brother,” without clarification as to whether “You” were responsible for his baldness or his beard as well.  Another showed two disheveled, dirtied-up women, one clutching a wine bottle, with a sign bitching about being a “squatter.”

The other Hufpo ”Pictures from the Wall Street Culture War” have even less relevance to   a “culture war” than they do to the failure of President Obama to cure our economic woes and satisfy the bald guy’s bro and the wine-o’s grievances.  (  

Absent from Hufpo’s picture collection are photos of OWS mobs carrying signs declaring their intent to, “Eat the Rich,”  Occupy Wall Street Protesters  trampling on American flags  NewImage    the now-infamous poop shot of an OWSer mistaking a patrol car for a lavatory  Raw sewer: An unidentified man seen defecates on a NYPD patrol car in downtown Manhattan  the hanging effigy of a banker    a blatantly anti-Semitic poster noting, “It’s Yom Kippur.  Banks Should Atone” occupy-los-angeles-anti-Semitism  and other priceless gems not fit to be shown here.   

In addition to its news and photo selectivity, another MSM gambit is drawing snide and totally inaccurate parallels between the OWS crowd and the Tea Party, suggestions by commentators devoid of specifics that the two movements have anything in common other than being movements. 

For one thing, rough estimates of Tea Party membership place the total at half a million; last week, some 70,000 Occupiers were infesting America’s streets and parks nationwide.  For another, Tea Party demonstrators are orderly, law-abiding, and peaceful while OWSers are anything but. 

As illustrates in a comparison chart, unlike OWSers, Tea Partiers don’t attack police, desecrate American flags and war memorials, issue death threats, rape and thieve, masturbate, urinate, and defecate in public, do drugs, and commit other offenses against the law and human dignity, all of which have been captured on film, almost none of which has been reported by the MSM. (    xgfdj.jpg  

If the mainstream media would address the essence of Occupy Wall Street rather than concentrating on extraneous issues, center on what OWS is really about and who’s financing and supporting the movement, Obama’s MSM could regain its reputation and repectability.  That’s as likely as the president conceding he is one of the 1%.