politics RELIGION OF PEACE  Islam, “The Religion of Peace,” has a peculiar approach to demonstrating the applicability of that description–unless firebombing a French newspaper, raping Norwegian women, and threatening and stabbing British MP’s are now condoned by the “Holy Prophet.” 

Muslims have been revolting, in every sense of the word, for decades and not only during the Arab Spring.  They are wreaking havoc throughout the Western world as well and the greatest irony in those upheavals is that the havoc is occurring in nations which welcomed them with open arms and open borders.

So much for misguided cultural diversity, so much for destructive multiculturalism, so much for fantasies of assimilation. 

From France's Charlie Hebdo:  In France, Islamic terrorists showed their contempt for free speech by firebombing the offices of the leftist satirical publication Charlie Hebdo, (Charlie Weekly), in reaction to  the weekly’s announced special edition to be titled, Sharia Hebdo “guest-edited” by none other than Muhammad, the “Holy Prophet” himself.  

The editors had planned to satirize the first and probably last democratic Tunisian elections; Islamic sharia law was destined to become the dominant force in Tunisia and sharia has as much regard for democracy as it does for women.  As for the proposed guest-editor, Muhammad had a great regard for war, mayhem, and his 8 year old child bride Aisha but “democracy” was a somewhat foreign concept to him. 

It may have been an audacious idea for Charlie Hebdo and proved to be perilous as well when their office was hit with a Molotov cocktail and its website was hacked with a message criticizing irreverance toward “Islam’s almighty Prophet.” 

Incidentally, one of America’s Leftist rags, Time magazine, chimed in on the fire bombing by attacking not the fire-bombers but Charlie Hebdo for “Islamophobic antics [which are] futile and childish.” (http://tiny.cc/ai6v7)  

There may great sense of futility in Norway over its open invite to Muslims to come on over, become one of them, become a Norwegian, join their Nordic culture, and scrap their historic tendency for violence and the Qu’ran’s repugnance for and discrimination against the female gender. 

Flag of Norway  The social experiment by ultra-liberal Norway isn’t working very well and the women of Oslo can attest to the fact that Muslim immigrants in Norway are far from childish.  Brutal, violent, Muslim-ish, yes, childish, no. 

A virtual rape-epidemic is in process in Oslo, already doubling 2010 incidents. 

One member of the Norwegian Parliament, Oktay Dahl of the Conservative Party, risked a firebomb tossed by one of Norway’s new Muslim residents but conservatively hedged his indignation by calling the rape horrors “critical” and acknowledging that many of the rapists came from cultures “with a reprehensible attitude toward women” without  identifying the offending cultures.

Apparently possessed of a bomb-averse mind, Dahl didn’t have the nerve to specifically name Muslims as the assailants in formerly rape-free Oslo and made it seem the Norwegian rape crisis was a generalized phenomenon even if everyone knew exactly to whom he was referring.  

FrontPageMag.com made the issue more specific, assigning responsibility to Muslim Somalis who have taken advantage of their acceptance into naive Norway by  attacking Norwegian women.  (http://tiny.cc/mqpho)  

Contrasted with fire-bombings in France and rapes in Norway, Muslim stabbings and intimidations in England may seem relatively tame yet they contribute to the feeling that Muslims aren’t very happy in the lands that foolishly thought they could assimilate them. 

British Tory MP Mike Freer being forced to hide from Islamic fanatics to save his life in North London and even Labour MP Stephen Timms’ non-fatal stabbing by a Muslim pale in comparison  contrasted with all the other obscene Muslim atrocities being committed and tolerated by the West. 

In May, 2010. MP Stephen Timms was attacked and stabbed by a crazed, 21 year old Muslim woman during a visit to his East London constituents. 

Roshonara Choudhry, a student at Kings College, was incensed over the war in Iraq and Britain’s involvement with that war.  Inspired by the sermons of now-defunct Islamic terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, she used a kitchen knife to reinforce her protest and plunged it into Timms’ gut.  She failed in her assassination attempt, was sentenced to life in prison, and remains unrepentant for her actions.    

Muslims Against Crusades  Last month, Tory MP Mike Freer was on a similar mission at a North London mosque when a mob representing Muslims Against Crusades who were as incensed as Choudrhy stormed the place of worship forcing him to flee for his life.  It wasn’t as if Freer hadn’t been given fair warning since the group had previously advised British politicians that “their presence is no longer welcome in any Muslim area” in London. (http://tiny.cc/i4zod)

There are now a number of “Muslim areas” in London and throughout Europe, growing enclaves where immigrants from Muslim countries are establishing independent fiefdoms ruled not by national laws but by sharia.  Their populations have doubled in the last 30 years and will double again by 2015 as native European numbers dwindle.  

Telegraph.com terms the situation “a demographic time bomb,” which is an understatement.  It’s almost as if Western civilization has surrendered before war was officially declared.  Another view is that the wars, the Crusades, never ended in the collective consciousness of Islam. 

When Muslims declare victory, don’t expect governance by a benevolent Saladin.  Islam has seven centuries of grievances and wants compensation.  The days of firebombs, rapes, and stabbings will then seem like our Golden Age.