save your mother EARTH.  When 31,487 American environmental and climate scientists, 9,029 of whom hold PhDs, agree that ”limits on greenhouse gasses would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology and damage the health and welfare of mankind,” can they all be wrong? 

If they are, that would mean the cockamamie claims of Al Gore, the IPCC, and the whole horde of “greenies” who have been claiming for years that CO2 emissions are hazardous to the planet are a crock.    

When those scientists subscribe to the view that, “there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth,” it would mean that Gore and Company should be branded as criminals for knowingly advocating a plot which would deprive mankind of those benefits.  

(See the petition which includes the identities and qualifications of the signers at 

In point of fact, the global warmists/coolists/changeists–they and their ilk have pushed all of those senseless panics over the past three decades but will be referred to here as simply the warmists and their cause as global warming–are responsible for perpetrating a scam so massive that Bernie Madoff would blush for not thinking of it first.     

Global warming causes  The immediate occasion for citing The Petition Project, which began with some 17,000 signatories in the late nineties and which has, of course, been dismissed by the warmist lobby as fraudulent despite the identification of every signatory, is the recent brouhaha over what scientist said what and what did he mean about global warming. 

UC Berkeley Professor Richard Muller, member of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project (BEST) team, alleged last week that he and his team had concluded Mother Earth was indeed warming and temperatures had increased by almost one degree centigrade over the course of 60 years. 

As the warmists exulted over that announcement, made just in the nick of time for the gathering of the U.N.’s climate summit in Durban, S.A., a BEST colleague of Prof. Muller’s took issue with his opinion.  A day later, Britain’s also rained on Muller’s warmist parade by pointing out that his fellow climatologist had basically called Muller’s claim bunk. 

Professor Judith Curry, chairperson of the highly-prestigious University of Georgia’s Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, said Muller had made “a huge mistake,” prof-speak for, Muller, you’re a ninny and/or a shill for the warmists.  Curry also corrected Muller’s conclusions by adding factual analysis that there has been no global warming for at least ten years. ( 

Climate Change  After suffering the freakish Halloween snowstorm, Americans in mid-Atlantic and New England states could have attested to too little global warming but the warmists  would just reference their catch-all defense: See! It’s all due to climate change!   

When warmists are exposed as frauds, they tend to have a knee-jerk reaction borne of the guilt of lying which motivates them to claim “deniers” are ignoramuses, idiots or, when they experience an attack of Christian charity, uninformed and deluded.   

They used that ploy after “Climategate,” which has been called, “the greatest scandal in modern science.”  In 2009, U.N.-sponsored IPCC scientists at Britain’s East Anglia University’s Climate Change Unit were caught fudging temperature numbers on a grand scale.  CCU Director Phil Jones conceded the data “appear to be genuine” yet no repercussions ensued,  Jones  kept his job, and the “deniers” were dismissed as malcontents.     

After highly-respected American climate scientists Professors Roy Spencer and William Braswell reported in Remote Sensing last year that climate computer models exaggerated global warming projections of temperature increase, that journal’s editor Wolfgang Wagner resigned and accused Spencer and Braswell of lacking the “highest scientific standards.” 

(See “Another Climate Lie Bites the Dust,”, et al.)

And now they’re defending Prof. Muller’s excursions into the fantastical, global-warming rabbit hole while ignoring Prof. Curry’s documented refutation as if she were a nincompoop rather than a reputable scientist who just happens to believe in scientific ethics. 

Hoaxes such as global-warming would be amusing if not for their repercussions.  When we follow the money, it’s evident that greed-meister warmists from Al Gore to the IPCC to unethical professors to the United Nations are lining their pockets at the expense of taxpayers.  It’s in their financial–and ideological–interests to continue the fraud rather than risk their funding.    

Should the warmist-deceivers prevail, should we subject our climate sovereignty to Third World nations, should we allow addled professors to misinterpret reality, Americans will be fortunate if we emerge from those fiascos better off than Bangladeshis.  Should the warmist-deceivers ever be outed for what they are, I would hope the Goreacle and the IPCC return the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize they won through deceit.