She needed a job and he offered one.  When they were alone, he fondled her, forcibly french-kissed her, groped her, and guided her hand to his genitals. 

No, those aren’t the opening lines from a steamy novel or the words of Herman Cain’s latest accuser, Sharon Bialek, the first of four of his alleged sexual harassment victims to come forward.  Ms. Bialek claims she was shocked, I say shocked, when Cain put his hand up her skirt, “grabbed [her] head and brought it towards his crotch.”  

Sharon Bialek, a Chicago-area woman, with her attorney Gloria Allred, right,   Since Gloria Allred is in Ms. Bialek’s corner, can there be any doubt in her veracity? 

However, the man who did the frenching, groping, and guiding was former Vice President Al Gore.  His victim, massage therapist Molly Hagerty, described her encounter to Portland, Oregon police soon after tipsy Gore, acting like a giggling, “crazed sex poodle,” tried to seduce her in his Hotel Lucia room in 2006. 

After broke the unsubstantiated Herman Cain story, every member of Obama’s MSM in the country descended on the allegations as if it were manna from the gods of liberalism because Cain isn’t a Democrat liberal. 

Just as with the initial revelations about Democrat Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky affair and Democrat John Edwards’ productive hanky panky with Rielle Hunter, the Portland Tribune was well aware of Molly Hagerty’s claims concerning Democrat Gore but chose not to publicize them despite the fact an official police report was filed and made public by 

nolly1 Molly Hagerty  In that report, when Gore ordered a late night massage at the Lucia, he was alleged to have used an alias, “Mr. Stone,” though he is described in the report as “Al Gore, former vice president of the United States of America” and charged with “alleged Sexual Assault.” 

It’s not as if Portland was Gore’s first known instance of forcing tonsil hockey on an unwilling partner.  While still VP, drunk at a New Year’s Eve party, Gore attempted to get frisky with fellow lib Melinda Henneberger.  She had been one of his fans but following his juvenile exhibition descibed him as “so feminized and diversified and ecologically correct he’s practically lactating.” 

molly hagerty al gore mistress  It’s just too bad Henneberger didn’t tell Tipper.

(See “The Continuing Crash of the Goreacle,” and “Gropey Gore,”     

Referencing Lusty Al, Bubba’s bubbling, and Johnny’s jumping is not intended as a denial of the unproven allegations currently being made against Herman Cain who, not just coincidentally, is a candidate for the Republican nomination for the presidency. 

Rather, it’s an invitation for some perspective: If Cain is indeed guilty of molesting Sharon Bialek, he is no more entitled to become president of the United States than Bill Clinton or John Edwards–or Al Gore. 

That’s all academic with Clinton and will be academic with Edwards should he be convicted in his upcoming trial.  In Al Gore’s case, the MSM-suppressed inconvenient truths about him should be sufficient to bar him from White House tenancy.  He will have to content himself by stuffing his pockets with the proceeds from his global warming scam while Herman Cain tries to defend himself from hysteria-delayed women.