You may have been able “to lose the blues in Chicago” in Sinatra’s day but nowadays you’re just as likely to lose your life. 

Our president hails from the Windy City–by way of New York, California, Hawaii, and some still say Kenya–as do many of his top advisers and Chicago is now ruled by the heavy hand of his former Chief of Staff, Rahm “Dead Fish” Emanuel.  Coincidentally, neither Obama nor Emanuel is doing very well.  

Known for its beef, mobsters, and dead people voting, the Chicago metropolitan area with almost 10 million residents and the city proper with almost 3 million were awarded the dubious title of “Murder Capital of America.”  Its murder stats show Chicago triples the rate of New York City and they’re near the top in robberies and aggravated assaults. 

As for rapes, no one knows since for some reason Chicago doesn’t keep track of those numbers.  Too many to count, maybe, or maybe it’s not worth the bother. 

All in all, Chicago isn’t just Sinatra’s “toddling town,” it’s a teetering town. 

Interestingly, considering developments in the Big Apple’s Zuccotti Park and across the nation, a mere 10 years ago Barack Obama was busily supporting and addressing Chicago anti-war protests comparable in acrimony if not the unruliness of the Occupy Wall Streeters.  Twenty years ago, he would have organized them, according to Stanley Kurtz. ( 


Today, Chicagoland is witnessing a resurgence of similar civil protests which go far beyond the relatively peaceful Occupy Chicago demonstrations.  Those protests stand in sharp contrast to their fellows in New York, Portland, and elsewhere where the crazies have taken over and anarchy prevails. 

Chicago, on the other hand, is experiencing something almost worse, a breakdown of both civil and moral behavior, a total disregard for common decency, a foreboding of things to come resulting from Mayor Emanuel’s weak-kneed response to violence in his city and his former boss’ endorsement of un-civil OWSers.   

Back in April, an elderly man was standing on the platform of the Chicago Avenue Red Line subway station. 

As commented on a just-released video, “An elderly man in a tan jacket [is seen] wandering around passengers on the CTA platform. . . a group of teens is seen laughing and taunting the older man.  A man, dressed in a black vest and hoodie, begins following the older man as the train approaches.  The train lets off passengers, and the younger man tries to get the older man’s attention.  The two talk briefly before he suddenly punches the older man, knocking him to the ground on his back.  The older man’s cap falls off in the blow.” 

That senseless assault isn’t the whole story, by any means. 

NBC continues, “Some teens in the group laugh and board the train.  One of them mimics the punch, and as the train pulls away, a woman is seen checking on the man and calling someone on her phone.” 

What the video shows but what NBC doesn’t mention is that both the victim and the assailant were black and that the woman on the platform who went to the victim’s aid was white.  After more than six months, the attacker and the old man remain unidentified by Chicago police.  

See the full story and sick video at

This is not to suggest that only blacks commit mindless, vicious crimes nor that only white people accord succor to crime victims nor that Chicago is Calcutta.  The worst offenses aren’t even the assault but the uproarious approbation given the goon who cold-cocked the defenseless victim and’s race-neutral description of the scene. 

Crime is hardly exclusive to Chicago but taking obvious delight in viciousness is an unsettling negative change in human behavior. 

Compounding that negativity is the mainstream media’s refusal to identify the race of those involved, what African-American professor Walter E. Williams characterizes as journalistic malpractice and attributes to elitists, including Barack Obama.  (  

A new CNN poll shows a radical change in the nation’s racial perceptions of the president, despite Obama’s pledge of racial healing in 2008: “White Americans give Obama a thumbs down by a 61%-36% margin, with non-white Americans give [sic] the president a thumbs up by a more than 2-1 margin.” (    

Obama Works  One incident and one video do not constitute a trend but increasing black violence does.  Chicago is merely a microcosm of African-American devolution into violence and insensitivity, a consequence if not the purpose of Obama’s racist politics, hope and change transformed into despair and chaos.