Barack Obama  Lest our president feel neglected after the attention paid to his second-in-command in “Biden, the Bumbling Booby,” (, with all due deference to the Obamassiah, the Big O, the Anointed One, I hereby devote a separate but equal article to Our Leader. 

I cited a few of Barack Hussein Obama’s old, new, and always classic instances of dumb and thoughtless gaffes in ”Biden” and some others are so old that his mainstream media have sometimes acknowledged them, if grudgingly. 

In that latter category: his geographical confusions, dissing Cambridge police, ridiculing Special Olympics kids, addressing dead soldiers he saw in a Memorial Day audience, inventing an Austrian language, misstating a Kansas tornado death toll of 12 as 10,000, saying the Mideast has plaqued the Mideast for centuries, etc. etc. etc.  

Those and his legion of additional screw-ups surpass Biden’s and even Bush-isms but are irrelevant as compared to the central issue surrounding Barack Obama: Is he really anywhere nearly as smart as his MSM have been painting him for years now? 

He apparently did graduate from Columbia University and Harvard Law School, though he has adamantly refused to release his transcripts from those prestigious institutions and his years at Columbia are still cloaked in mystery. 

He did allegedly teach constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School, though the contents of his lectures are still unknown and he has often disregarded the Constitution.   

He did work as a community organizer in Chicago, though who and what he organized and for what purposes are still unclear, and suspect, as are his associations during that period. 

The only thing Obama voters truly knew about him when they bought into his undefined hopey-changey mantra in 2008 was that Barack Obama was a brilliant and spectacular orator. 

Over the past three years, more objective observers have noticed his orations have been far less than brilliant and his oratorical skills are very questionable. 

When his trusty teleprompters programmed by his hndlers with the words he is supposed to say foul up, he tends to mouth idiocies such as calling Navy personnel “corpse men.”  When he is put in a position where he has to think before he speaks, as when he admitted to Joe the Plumber he was a socialist, he tends to spill embarrassing truths.  

Letterman and his ilk persist to this day in mocking Bush-isms yet Obama-isms never seem as amusing to the left wing media since, after all, Barack Obama is a brilliant and spectacular orator. 

Those 57 states in which he said he campaigned must merely be a reflection of his foresight envisioning America’s annexation of Canada, Mexico, and five or so Central American banana republics. 

Barack Obama is certainly smarter and more articulate than Joe Biden but, then again,  many doorknobs are smarter and more articulate than bumbling Joe.

Rush Limbaugh had the temerity to cast doubt on the media hype as to our president’s smarts.  

On his radio program last Wednesday, America’s conservative curmudgeon took issue with what he believes is a gross imperception, our president’s vaunted brilliance, and said, ”I just don’t see it.  That’s why I think we need to redefine ‘smart.’  Take him off a teleprompter and it’s a potential train wreck.”

See Limbaugh’s clip here 

America doesn’t have to simply re-define “smart.”  We have much more on our national plate than re-definitions.  We can snicker all we want over Bidenisms and Obamaisms and the idea that Barack Obama is America’s oracular savior but, until he is removed from power, we need first to prepare for the catastrophe he and his administration are plotting with the complicity of Obama’s MSM. 

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