The perverse, violent act of raping a girl or woman has always and rightly been considered a vile, reprehensible crime in civilized societies. 

Many Muslim nations either condone rape or place such burdensome sharia restrictions on the victim that it’s not worth the effort of reporting, but that’s another story un-related to civilized societies. 

Based on her blase’ attitude toward the crime of rape, as well as toward assault and thievery, Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters could very well be a closet Muslim as could the Occupy Wall Street crowd. 

  You may recall the 73 year old Mad Maxine, former chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus and representative of California’s 35th CD.  She’s the staunch  defender of looters whom she believes are simply “mamas trying to buy diapers” and riot as “the voice of the unheard” and who last August told conservatives where to go when she said, “The Tea Party can go straight to hell!” 

Mad Max has a way with words, a toxic way but a way.  Wanting Republicans to “walk the plank” may have been metaphorical but there is no mistaking her hell suggestion nor her 2005 comments on President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney: “The President is a liar.  Dick Cheney, the chief architect of the Big Lie, is not only a liar, he is a thief.” 

The representative of Rodney King’s hellish district has less emphatic views on rape and other ongoing criminal activities at OWS demonstrations which she dismissed with the comment, “that’s life and it happens.” 

A fierce opponent of flag-waving though not greed, Waters was named on a list of corrupt congresspeople on various occasions and cited as congressional “Porker of the Month” in June, 2009 by Citizens Against Government Waste.  Not unsurprisingly and much like President Barack Hussein Obama, she is an enthusiastic supportor of all things liberal.  Both back the OWSers to the hilt even if, umm, stuff happens in their midst. 

bad-banks  And a lot of stuff is happening during those protests, including muggings, robberies, overdoses, and sexual attacks on both men and women.  OWS’ disorganized organizers concur with Mad Max on the inconsequentiality of the rapes occurring at their venues and, despite widespread complaints cops ignore their pleas for assistance, they prefer sexual assalts be kept on the hush-hush.  

For example, in Portland, victims of sexual violence are not described as victims but as “survivors” and they and witnesses to such attacks are cautioned not to report them.  In  videotaped instructions to an OWS crowd by a buzz-cut, dyke-y-type, one female protestor forthrightly advised her audience, ”Nobody should contact the police.”  

Punctuating her rape lecture with more “umms” and “ahms” than a teleprompter-deprived Obama, she allows that the cops could be called if one or more survivors insist but she obviously feels the crimes should be kept in-house or, more specifically, in-tent.  Just as obviously, her audience agrees as shown by widespread finger-wiggling, apparently the new protest salute. 

See the unidentified rape counsellor and lots of wiggling digits at

It remains unclear whether Maxine Waters is simply reflecting her boundless, liberal tolerance when she regards rape as just “stuff” or whether she is simply stupid.  Likewise, it’s not clear whether the Occupy Wall Street anarchists are showing their paranoid fear of authority when they advise against notifying police of sex attacks or whether they, too, are just dolts. 

Then again, rape must not be too serious a crime since the National Organization of Disturbed Liberal Women hasn’t weighed in against Waters or the OWS.