Prince Philip wears the pants  In spite of rumors to the contrary, the 90 year old Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Consort to Queen Elizabeth II, really does have a mind of his own, at least insofar as wind farms are concerned. 

The rarely-seen Philip outside the company of Queen Liz on state occasions and who even more rarely says anything of consequence, thinks wind farms are bloody tommyrot, in Brit slang. 

Of course, royalty doesn’t use slang but he was equally-emphatic on the functionality of those blots on the landscape and seascape which generate far more profits for developers than they produce reliable electricity.  As Phil said, they are “absolutely useless,” a position shared by his son, the less than bonnie prince Charlie who has put the kibosh on any thoughts of building windmills on his Duchy of Cornwall lands.   

That very politically incorrect opinion of the House of Windsor might be seconded by the House of Kennedy clan which opposed the construction of windmills but primarily because they would obstruct their Hyannis Port view of Nantucket Sound: To hell with being eco-friendly, not in our front yard! 

To hell with the Kennedys, said the Obama administration when it gave the okay to mar the Kennedy vista and ignore one of early-supporter Uncle Teddy’s final wishes last year,   

Offshore windfarm security  Prince Philip has little worry that wind farms will be erected anywhere near Buckingham Palace or in proximity to any of his other and his bride’s royal pads.  Unlike the Kennedys, however, he takes issue with the whole concept of wind-gerated energy on practical, not self-serving grounds. 

He calls the idea “a disgrace,” contends it will “never work,” and accuses those who buy into the scam of believing in a “fairy tale.” (

Ok, where is the real Duke of Edinburgh and what have you done to him, you dastardly disbelievers in global warming? 

Well, to be as honest as Philip, he apparently didn’t specifically comment on global warming although his outspoken wind farm observations were reported by a believer, Esbjorn Wilmar, of Infinergy, a wind turbine builder and operator big wig. 

Wilmar also noted Phil’s objections to subsidies British electricity customers are paying, subsidies averaging £90 annually, ($143 in real money) to subsidise wind scammers who, if their product actually worked, wouldn’t need subsidies. 

£90 or $143 a year may not be a lot of money until you consider it’s an unnecessary, wasted expenditure which will increase exponentially as wind farmers and the polticians who love them spread their propaganda and expand their reach.  

If Henry Ford and Thomas Edison had relied on the public, or government, to subsidize them or re-imburse them for failures, we might still be shovelling manure in the streets instead of just cleaning excrement from OWS encampments and illuminating those clean-ups by whale oil lamps.  

So, clean, well-lit hats off to the Duke of Edinburgh for daring to say what British and American pols know but fear to articulate, having the nerve to say that wind farms are not only ugly but a farce.  Liz will no doubt call her hubby on the royal carpet for publicly speaking the truth. 

Could the Tower of London be next?