The New Conscience Regulation:  “Let your conscience be your guide” is an outdated axiom for Catholics in the Democrat Party, as is the concept of moral and ethical conduct as they apply to their religion.

True and unfortunately, morality and ethics are antithetical constructs in any political context and “ethics committees” seem out of place in political bodies and largely exist as pro-forma charades to satisfy a gullible public but many liberal Catholic Dems go further by overtly flaunting their contempt for ethical behavior.

Of course, relativists reject the idea of any absolutes in life, which is a nifty excuse for avoiding condemnation for violating established societal norms of decency since they absolutely disagree with those dictates. 

Thus, Catholic and non-Catholic Democrats alike are able to campaign against what reasonable individuals understand intuitively, the existence of living, human life in the womb, on the bases of debatable claims that it is not a human life, that it’s not viable, that a woman’s right to privacy takes precedence over pre-born life.   

The moral-ethical relativists absolutely believe all that and, though I think their beliefs are absurd, I can consider the source and accept them.  If their faiths condone the murder of innocent pre-borns, who am I to disagree?  The prudent approach of opting for sparing lives when there is any doubt as to when life begins in-utero is inapplicable to relativists. 

You see, it’s all relative, whatever that means.

What I find totally unacceptable are politicians, especially ostensibly-Catholic politicians, who preach civil rights yet advocate in favor of denying the most fundamental civil entitlement, the constitutionally-guaranteed “right to life” through abortion.  When they  complain about Catholic consciences inhibiting their unorthodox views, they are hypocrites verging on apostasy.

Dozens of current Catholic politicians have been lectured by their bishops on their abortion stances which stand in direct contradiction of Church teaching although few bishops have the gumption to enforce those teachings on powerful pols.  The late governor of New York, Hugh Carey, was one who avoided censure but who couldn’t escape the label of conscience hypocrite.

A nominal Catholic, Carey governed the Empire State for eight years as a “pro-choice” (a euphemism for pro-abortion) Democrat and only when he got a whiff of his mortality–and no longer needed backing from liberals–expressed regret for supporting legalized abortion. 

It’s strange what age can do to a lib. 

the House Nancy Pelosi and  The former Democrat Speaker of the House is now around Carey’s age when he recanted, with an important distinction: Catholic Pelosi is still in office and sees no need for recantation of her pro-abortion views just yet.  In fact, she gets more vehemently pro-abortion as she advances in years.

Never the brightest bulb in the pack, Pelosi is notorious for, among other things, saying Congress had to pass Obamacare legislation so that they could find out what was in it.

She staunchly supports her fellow crazies in the Occupy Wall Street crowd despite the facts she is currently being investigated for making millions in insider trading and is comfortably ensconced in the wealthy 1% the OWSers so despise. 

She made headlines recently by alleging that Republicans “will be voting to say that women can die on the floor” because they wanted to allow health care providers to claim a conscience exemption if they chose not to participate in killing babies in the womb. 

However, Pelosi out-Pelosied herself when she told the Washington Post that people “may not like the language’’ in a Democrat proposal to force insurance companies to cover  contraception and drugs that could cause abortions, a proposal which flies in the face of pledges by President Barack Hussein Obama not to impose such onerous burdens. 

Then, in a bizarre profession of confused faith, Botox Nancy insisted, “I’m a devout Catholic and I honor my faith and love it . . . but they have this conscience thing,” the “thing” being that her Church doesn’t want Catholics to be forced against their moral compunctions to assist in abortions.  

William Tate on asks, ”This conscience thing? As in, they have one?”  Tina Korbe on commented, “Shame on us! How dare we have a conscience!” 

I would add that Ms. Pelosi needs to go back and study her catechism, especially the parts about “moral conscience.”