As we reflect on what were hopefully uneventful but satisfying Thanksgiving festivities and begin the annual debauchery euphemistically called holiday shopping, getting and spending until it hurts, it’s worthwhile to also reflect on our times.  They are times trying for men’s and women’s souls, taxing for our wallets, and straining on our blood pressure.

As with Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day is much-anticipated and much-prepared-for but what we wake up to the morning after still presents us with the real world, a perplexing and scary world beyond the scariness of frenzied shoppers pepper-spraying their competition, beyond Black Friday’s greed, beyond imagining to some. 

Two news stories illustrate the scariness from widely-differing perspectives, Chris Matthews’ terror that his idol is screwing up royally and midwesterners terrified of the same thing.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews will  The Left’s answer to the extremism of David Duke, the redoubtable and undoubtable Matthews, the allegedly-objective MSNBC commentator who long ago sold his alleged objectivity to the presidential candidate who sent thrills up his leg, is disillusioned.  

Poor Mr. Tingles has lately been immersed in a grand funk, funked over the tingle-source, Barack Hussein Obama, who hasn’t quite governed up to Matthews’ expectations although  he has lived up to the expectations of those of us who expected the disaster we have in the White House.  

Matthews isn’t asking for much from the president, he just wants “something to root for.”

He wants Obama to “tell us our orders, give us our mission” for his presupposed second term.  Without mentioning one true crux of Obama’s problems, his clear leadership deficiency, Matthews furnishes a litany of Obamian failures but blames those “with propellers on their heads” surrounding Obama for his insularity, for the fact he doesn’t call anyone to push his agenda.  

See a clip of Mr. Tingles whining here  

Chris Matthews is the poster boy for muddle-headed liberals, oblivious of this president’s multiplicity of weaknesses and ignorant of the reason Obama isn’t providing marching orders to his troops in his mainstream media or calling anyone with his plans for the future: He doesn’t have any, aside from driving the country to oblivion.  

Matthews and Obama may be bewildered but not everyone is.

More ominous than Matthews’ disappointment with the Anointed One or Obama’s inefficacy is the report that many Americans understand full well America’s perils and are battening down their personal hatches in anticipation of Obamageddon. 

Construction of housing is at a virtual standstill nationwide but companies that build  underground retreats–which used to be called air raid shelters when we feared the Soviets–are booming as we worry now about an impending collapse of civilization. 

The U.S.S.R. proved to be a paper tiger; the Obama administration is proving to be a world piñata and a national embarrassment. 

In Missouri, the Show Me State, people aren’t looking to be shown anything anymore since they’ve seen more than enough and realize taking swipes at an Obama piñata won’t yield any goodies are stocking up on their own goodies, storable food and supplies, and guns. 

An air raid shelter in a  One “survival shop” manager reports that instead of their usual clientele of campers and hikers they’re witnessing a phenomenon of customers trying to be prepared to “get out of Dodge” in a hurry. 

“Dodge” doesn’t refer there to Chrysler’s old pig of an automobile or to the old shoot-em-up Kansas city of frontier lore but to the contemporary Dodge of an economy seemingly beyond repair by Chris Matthews’ propeller-heads, a nation immersed in a Carteresque malaise that would make Jimmy proud, a people beset by crime and occupiers.

A manager of an Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters store in Webster Groves, MO, Steve Dorsey, says their customers aren’t interested in safaris or camping supplies in the wild as much as they are concerned with survival in America.  As he wisely opines, “I think people are scared.  They don’t know where this country is going.  They think we’re on a downward spiral . . . People just don’t know what’s going to happen.”  (

They have plenty of company. 

Chris Matthews worries about a rudder-less nation afloat on a treacherous planet in the vain hope President Obama finds a route through the shoals.  Customers at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters are directing their own course and hoping Obama doesn’t sink them without a fighting chance to save themselves. 

I’d bet on the survivalists before Obama.