God's Blog III  The nuns used to tell us we couldn’t understand God, information that wasn’t news to eight year olds since we often couldn’t understand the nuns, either. 

Still, I eventually picked up on the concept that God was beyond understanding, much like arithmatic, and I accepted the principle of the existence of an Almighty Who, if He wasn’t watching every move we made or taking notes on every time I was impudent, was up there, somewhere, not taking written notes but aware.  

Atheists aren’t beset by such mundane concerns since they don’t believe in the existence of any god, opting instead for the belief they and the universe weren’t created but rather are the products of happenstance.  Chicken atheists, agnostics, believe only what Thomas the Doubting Apostle believed.  They want proof, tantamount to insisting their Creator furnish irrefutable evidence of His existence before they subscribe.  

Which brings us to Barack Hussein Obama and what he believes. 

Few modern presidents have been overtly religious and many seem to have been “Christmas Christians,” men who visit churches on important occasions such as major religious holidays or for funerals of dignitaries. 

Some, like Ike, hosted White House observances, others, like Bill Clinton, rarely if ever went to church and made no pretense of being regular attendees, and still others, notably Jimmy Carter, wore their religion on their sleeves right next to his incompetency pin.   

None of this is meant to suggest that that a belief in God is a requisite for the position of president of the United States.  It’s not mandated in the Constitution which was designed to permit any natural born citizen age 35 and up who has been a permanent resident for a minimum of 14 years to accede to the office of the presidency. 

And, I’m not arguing the “birther” position with regard to Obama, though the jury is still out on that one, nor contending this chief executive’s penchant for vacationing overseas renders him ineligible for re-election because he’s still technically a permanent resident.

However, a president who has a clear aversion to references to Someone greater than he is should be questioned as to just exactly what he does believe.  


Of course, his MSM never has asked and never will ask probing questions of Obama, a fact which in large part has led to rumors that Barack Hussein Obama is a closet Muslim, not that there would be any problem with that.

Those rumors were afoot long before he chose to incorporate his Arabic middle name when he took the oath of office as president of the United States, rumors bolstered by his statements and actions since January 20th, 2008. 

He attends church services when it leaks out he never attends church services but he has  repeatedly bowed to Islamic potentates, in effect conceding servitude.  He has denied the uniqueness of our country, effectively admitting that Muslim attitudes of superiority to the West are entirely possible.  He has denigrated America’s only Mideast ally, thereby greatly pleasing those same Muslims many of whom are our sworn enemies.     

Then, again, closet Muslim or not, none of that casts doubts on Obama’s belief in God.  The only question is, Which god?

By definition, there can only be one God.  If there were bunches, they would constantly be fighting and warring like Zeus and Ares!

Muslim protestors demonstrate  Muslims believe in a Supreme Being as much as Christians, maybe moreso in some cases as with 9/11 mastermind Mohamed Atta who felt so inspired by Allah that he invoked his name just as he slammed American Airlines Flight 11 into the World Trade Center’s north tower. 

There are gods and there is God and which one Barack Obama believes in is relevant.  The only certainty is that America’s president is uncomfortable with any notion of God. 

Most recently, that discomfort was reflected in his administration’s rejection of including Democrat icon FDR’s D-Day prayer on Washington’s World War II monument because it asked God to support the allied mission to defeat Hitler.  On Thanksgiving, a holiday expressing thanks for God’s blessings on America, Obama neglected to mention God in his speech to the nation. 

Mistakes?  Oversights?  Teleprompter malfunctions?  Or, confessions Barack Hussein Obama would rather he could call on Allah but can’t until after the next election?  You make the call in 2012.