Former Republican Speaker of the House Newton Leroy Gingrich lugs around almost as much baggage as a former candidate for the presidency lugged around before he won that office in 1992. 

The chief difference between Gingrich and William Jefferson Blythe Clinton is that the former’s dirty linens will probably deny him the Republican nomination in 2012 and the latter’s less-fastidious Democrats elected him twice.  

Both developments are damned shames. 

Despite Democrat claims to be the Party of the People, which may have been true when they were led by FDR and the people were desperate and later involved in a war FDR manipulated, since at least 1964 the GOP has better reflected the dominant sentiment of Americans in all matters save failed social experiments. 

Over the years, muddled-thinking wags have suggested that the best of all political worlds would see a Democrat in charge of domestic policy and a Republican conducting foreign affairs.  Aside from the unconstitutionality of such a scenario, the country would be bankrupted by Democrats and so destitute we would be unable to function beyond our borders. 

However, none of that speculation is relevant to a Newt Gingrich presidency since Republicans are more inclined to lose than to hold their noses and vote for a guy who isn’t perfect. 

used on Newt Gingrich when  Newt is anything but perfect from a conservative point of view or from any other point of view, although he is nowhere near the insensitive ogre, the grinch the mainstream media has painted him.  

He has secured the endorsement of New Hampshire’s Manchester Union Leader, which often backs losers, but that old baggage will sink him as surely as allegations of murder, rape, financial improprieties, and Oval Office hanky panky elevated Bill Clinton in liberal and MSM eyes. 

Even so, Newt Gingrich is no saint. 

Anyone wishin’ and hopin’ for a saint to deal with Islamic nutcases out to destroy us, with our ongoing wars and additional rumors of wars, with a decimated economy mired in politics, with a Europe in financial and social turmoil, or with the multiplicity of other grave issues America faces should pray for someone to lead us out of the critical messes America is in.

But, if prayer is your only recourse, be certain to pray for a specific someone.  Even God requires some specificity when it comes to presidential candidates.

Be certain to pray for someone who has proven he–or she–is capable of leading, who has demonstrated leadership, who has offered concrete rather than lily-livered approaches to the undeclared War on Terror, who has shown unremitting support for American exceptionalism, who will stand up to domestic terrorists who need a bath more than anything else. 

I’m still not sure Newt Gingrich is the best of the Republican bunch.  I am positive that, with all his negatives, Newt would be a distinct improvement over the current resident in the White House.  Seinfeld’s Kramer would be an improvement but Newt would be even better.