What is it about the story of the USS Liberty and the 1967 Israeli attack on that unarmed, American intelligence vessel that so riles people of the Jewish-American community?

Because I posted my previous article, “The Shame of the USS Liberty,” on other websites I have been inundated with accusations of anti-Semitism, threats of expulsion from those sites, and even revocation, sans explanation, of my posting privileges by one, FreeRepublic.com.

That revocation was disappointing but with some 200 million other websites available on the internet it is hardly devastating.

What is devastating is the realization that there are so many people out there who not only resist hearing/reading the truth about Israeli influence on American foreign policy but who then actively campaign to muzzle those who only seek to place a very significant issue on the table, that issue being, What really happened on June 8, 1967 and whether the actions of Israel’s military were by design or simply a gross, and bloody, “mistake.”

If I were the only one “dredging” up the issue, I’d cease my inquiry.

However, I’m far from unique in my quest for an ultimate answer and for a final resolution.  Such individuals as Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, United States Navy (Retired), former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, also want definitive answers:  http://www.gtr5.com/evidence/moorer.htm.

That resolution cannot be expected shortly, considering the forty-one year old cover-up by our government and by our military, but this names-redacted exchange with the webmaster of one website gives some inkling as to how pervasive that cover-up is and the reasons for it:

(My response to that webmaster precedes his query.)

My website has one primary goal and that is to promote the interests and survival of the United States, and I firmly believe both of those are in serious peril.
Toward the ends of that promotion, as you have probably noted, I take on any and all forces and agents which I feel threaten America’s interests.  Those include but are not limited to radical Muslim terrorism, the inherent dangers of homosexual efforts to undermine the nation’s values, the growing dominance of Hispanics throughout the nation, and, yes, the so-called “Jewish lobby,” which I and many others feel is a threat to our sovereignty and future. 
Although that is often construed by Jews to mean anti-Semitism, it is nothing of the kind. 
As a person of Irish extraction and a Catholic, I would feel the same about Ireland and the Vatican should, hypothetically, either pose a serious threat to my country.  Considering those hypotheticals, if I were of some other national extraction or of some other religion and criticized undue and excessive influence in America by Ireland or the Vatican, would I therefore be considered anti-Irish American or anti-Catholic?
I think not.
As a foreign power, Israel should, as you wrote, also be “fair game” without my being subject to venomous accusations, such as XXXX’s, who concludes his diatribe against me by saying, “Me thinks [sic] you just don’t like Jews,” which is an irrational conclusion to make based on my USS Liberty article.
I thought that, before responding to XXXX with further documentation, I should first respond to your questions and concerns:  I have no issues with regard to Jews but I do have issues with regard to Israel which, to me, is an entirely different matter.  I also have issues with France which doesn’t equate with not liking Frenchmen.
Furthermore, I despise Barack Hussein Obama, which does not equate with despising all African Americans.
Finally, I don’t consider my assessment of the Israeli attack on the Liberty to be harsh at all.  It is as forthright and honest as the assessment of Admiral Thomas H. Moorer’s (U.S. Navy, Retired):  http://www.gtr5.com/evidence/moorer.htm.
As XXXX in a followup post wrote, “Yes, it appears it was intentional at the time. They were hoping to sink the ship so no one would be the wiser, but they couldn’t get it down.”
Is XXXX therefore anti-Semitic?  Again, I think not.
XXXX, whether you agree to add my website, http://genelalor.com/, to your blogroll is of far less importance to me than your, and XXXX’s, understanding my point of view re: Israel and the Jewish lobby in America.
I will be posting this response on TygrrrrExpress but not your query which was sent to me and not intended for public consumption.
Regards and may God bless and save America!

On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 9:32 PM, XXXX wrote:Gene,
I noticed you have American Thinker on your blog.  XXXX is a friend of mine.
I was hoping you could put my mind at ease about something, and then I would be happy to add you to the blogroll.
Do you have any anti-Israel or anti-Jewish attitudes? I ask this question with an open imnd and no judgment.
Legitimate criticism of Israel is fair game, but as a Jewish person, I often see people use criticism of Israel as a sledgehammer for more sinister views. I do not suspect that with you, but want to be sure.
I am Jewish, and found your assessment of the 1967 Israeli action to be a tad harsh. 
XXXX, aka the Tygrrrr Express

(As with Lady MacBeth, methinks XXXX protests too much.  More to follow.)