Sometimes the mainstream media merely substantiate common knowledge and sometimes the New York Times demonstrates a degree of journalistic ethics by publishing that common knowledge instead of always slanting the truth.  

Such is the case with Thomas B. Edsall’s piece, “The Future of the Obama Coalition”  which appeared in the Times‘ Sunday “Opinion Pages.”   

Summarized, that future involves Obama abandoning hopes of again winning anything approaching the 43% of all white votes he won in 2008 “in favor of cementing a center-left coalition.” 

According to Edsall, that coalition consists of people generally considered professionals, including everyone from professors to teachers to therapists plus “a substantial constituency of lower-income voters who are disproportionately African-American and Hispanic,” in other words, a coalition composed of two very disparate groups, the highly-educated and the largely uneducated poor. ( 

Project- Class Warfare  What Edsall does not incorporate in his article is a recognition that all but Obama’s MSM idolators and those they influenced to vote for him were aware long before the last general election that Barack Hussein Obama was a radical, socialist racist for whom divisiveness and class warfare were tactics he and the Democrat Party would employ when the 2008 coalitions disintegrated.  

Oddly, or not so oddly considering Edsall was writing for the Times, he omits any reference to the president’s support for the latest exemplars of  socialistic class warmongers, the Occupy Wall Street nutzos. 

Three years ago, candidate Obama succeeded in cashing in on white guilt, the oft-denied sentiment which motivated millions of white voters to cast their ballots for him as a form of reparations paid to African-Americans, to demonstrate they were not bigots, to show they were sorry for the national sin of slavery even though none of them had ever owned a slave.  

By virtue of that sentiment, the half-black Obama managed to gain 2% more of the white electorate than did John Kerry in 2004.  Those voters have witnessed Obama in action for three years now and the president’s handlers realize many of them, hopefully millions of them, refuse to fall for Obama’s charade again. 

They have seen his incompetence, his lack of leadership, his rigid, leftist ideology but most of all they have seen through his pretenses of creating a new era of racial harmony.  Beneath Obama’s mellifluous, telepromptered words, they have finally seen the black racism that both he and his wife proudly admitted years ago. 

In her 1985 Princeton senior thesis, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson expressed her racial attitudes in numerous ways, attacking America as a nation founded on “crime and hatred,” abusing whites in America as “ineradicably racist,” and endorsing black separatism and revolution. 

The FLOTUS was aghast in 1985 that black Princeton alumni didn’t share her revulsion for white America, her race-based view of life in a country that didn’t make her proud until her husband was nominated by Democrats, or her inclinations toward black separatism. 

(Read Ms. Robinson’s 96 page thesis, which Princeton and the administration fought like hell to suppress, here

haha look at this first.  Since wedding Barack, Michelle has muted her racism although it occasionally seeps out as when she outrageously blamed white racism as the prime reason for fat, black kids! 

Her husband was even more forthrightly racist in Dreams from My Father which became a best seller after his nomination and in which he confessed a Michellian extremity of race consciousness and a clear antipathy to white people.  Had Obama not been the darling of the MSM at that point, he would have been laughed off the political stage for his racial radicalism.

He wrote, for example, ”I ceased to advertise my [white] mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13,” (p. xv), “There was something about [Marty Kaufman, another Chicago community organizer] that made me a little wary.  He was a little too sure of himself. And white,” (p. 145), and, “It was into my father’s image, the black man, son of Africa, that I had packed all the attributes, the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, Dubois and Mandela,” (p. 220).  

He failed to mention that his dear dad from whom he had learned so much was a drunken Marxist, that convicted burglar Malcolm X was a black separatist and spokesman for the black supremacist Nation of Islam, or that W.E.B. Dubois was a socialist black agitator.  

Thomas B. Edsall rendered a distinct service to the nation by exposing the Obamian strategic game plan of inciting class and racial warfare for next year’s struggle to control America’s future.  If he had had the audacity to spell out the foundations of that warfare, he would be entitled to be a nominee for a Pulitzer.