Obamacrats - Destroying America Bumper Sticker by patrioticdissent  The other day, Rush Limbaugh warned whomever eventually wins the Republican nomination for the presidency to be prepared for an avalanche of vicious assaults from the re-elect Obama billion dollar attack machine. 

Limbaugh was wrong in one respect: That onslaught began months ago with the only distinction being that the viciousness is mostly emanating from Obama acolytes in his mainstream media rather than directly from the White House. 

All this year, we have witnessed every Republican hopeful mercilessly pilloried as soon as he or she gains any traction in the GOP sweepstakes.  Pawlenty, Trump, Christie, Bachmann, Gingrich, Cain have each had their turn being attacked.  If a day goes by without some leftist guttersnipe taking unsubstantiated pot shots at a candidate, Leno and Letterman are ready to ridicule them at night with nasty derision–all in good fun, of course.

The only Republican to escape leftist castigation, relatively, has been Mitt Romney, leading to conjecture that the left wants him to win the nomination because they expect to whup him, just as Carterites were eager to get at Ronald Reagan. 

What was it Obama said about the need for more civility?  Evidently, the mainstreamers never got that memo. 

One of the leaders of the MSM attack pack, the Washington Post, was apparently running out of ammunition with which to abuse the latest target, Newt Gingrich, so WaPo’s Aaron Blake resorted to the internet to gather more dirt.  Blake tweeted for his fellow Twitter tweeps to send him all “outlandish/incorrect predictions and quotes” by or about Gingrich that they could dig up or make up. 

Note: Blake was in search of the “outlandish/incorrect” rather than the truth. 

NewsBusters.com re-posted Blake’s and Business Insider political reporter Zeke J. Miller’s tweets and points out, “Since President Obama has no record to run for reelection on, the media are going to be throwing more mud at his opponents than likely anything you’ve ever seen.” (http://bit.ly/tCrT7b)  

As Al Jolsen said in a far different context, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” 

Obamacrats also have backup strategies when they get bored slandering specific Republicans.  They then trot out people like Rep. Maxine Waters to say something, anything, stupid and/or vile–usually stupid and vile–smearing whole groups of conservatives. 

Tea Party Group member Sharon  The Tea Party is a popular generic target and the corrupt Rep. Waters, in line to replace the equally-corrupt Barney Frank on the House Financial Services Committee, can always be relied on to spew venom as she did when she said in August, “The Tea Party can go straight to hell!” 

When all else fails, a trusty RINO like Colin Powell is sure to step forward to snipe at conservatives with remarks such as he made on Sunday when he blamed the Tea Party for national divisiveness.  The fact he also blamed the media didn’t mitigate his smear on a law-abiding group simply concerned over the sad state of the nation. 

While it doesn’t technically qualify as a slur, snipe, or smear, the threat leveled by black agitator Cornel West on MSNBC is clearly symptomatic of the pervasive, vicious negativity–and desperation–of Obamacrats.  West, an enthusiastic supporter of the Occupy Wall Street anarchists, declared that demands for more entitlements are “going to be fought in the streets.” 

In a sane world, in a sane country, West would be investigated for inciting sedition but sanity, or civility, or normality aren’t traits of Obamacrats who would sooner see utter chaos than see their man lose next November.