large barney frank press1  No, Barney Frank isn’t dead.  He isn’t among the deceased but he is being virtually canonized by Long Island’s resident nitwit congressman Steve Israel as “a champion of American families.” 

Rep. Israel has one peculiar concept of “family.” 

Called “the most powerful homosexual in Congress,” Barney is merely retiring so he can rest up in peace, away from the slings and arrows of political infighting, his scandal-plagued career, and those meanie Republicans who keep dredging up his complicity in the 2008 banking debacle that led to Obama’s continuing Great Recession. 

Barney is surrendering his position as ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, the same committee he headed during the banking meltdown when he and then-Senator Chris Dodd forced financial institutions and their buddies at Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac to loan vast sums of money to people who barely had a pot to pee in.   

However, Frank and Dodd felt they should have a shot at the American Dream, and then vote for Frank and Dodd. 

Barney’s dream and one of America’s nightmares will be over next year since he has unexpectedly announced he won’t run for re-election after 32 years representing the good, people of the most liberal state in the union, Massachusetts.  Democrats will probably turn over his committee job to another class act, Rep. Maxine Waters.    

Barney’s reasons for packing it in, so to speak, are debatable. 

Although his advancing years and the re-districting of his ultra-safe 4th c.d., home to the leftist bastions of Dartmouth and Wellesley, may have played a part, Barney was somewhat vague in his announcement saying only that he didn’t want to introduce himself to new voters and that he had “other things I’d like to do.” 

Good thinking, Barn! 

Convincing a whole new electorate that he is still “the liberal lion of the House” and thereby worthy of their vote would be challenging enough for 71 year old Barney.  Persuading them that a former owner of a homosexual bordello should represent them could pose an even greater obstacle, even in Massachusetts.

Lord only knows, and normal people cringe, at what else Barney would “like to do” at this juncture in his life. 

His Democrat buds gave Barney a free pass when he was caught in 1989 harboring and boinking male prostitute Steven Gobie in his basement. 

Neither Gobie’s role as Ol’ Barn’s “personal assistant” nor Gobie’s conversion of his employer’s Washington home into a gay romper room caused any consternation among Frank’s colleagues who failed to expel him or censure him.  Nor did Barn’s 11 year romance with LGBT activist and, coincidentally, Fannie Mae executive, Herb Moses, perturb them.  

See “Who or What Is Barney Frank,”

Certain things are more important to Democrats than honor and reputablity, sucking up to their homosexual constituencies among them. 

Nevertheless, all in all, Rep. Barney Frank’s retirement is a good thing.  Bay State voters will, hopefully, get the opportunity of electing an alternative to a corrupt pervert and Barney can move on down the dirt road of what he’d “like to do.”  Just hope that what he’d “like to do” isn’t you!