Recall these pictures of the devastation following Katrina?

Recall the abuse Bush took for FEMA’s not responding quickly enough?  Recall New Orleans Mayor Nagin, drunk and safe in the Hyatt and saying live on the radio, “I don’t want no f*cking school buses, I want f*cking Greyhounds!” as his people drowned?  Recall nitwit Kanye West saying that Bush hates Black people and that’s why he wants them to die?

Here are some scenes from our Midwest which has been battered by snows, frigid temperatures and power outages:

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and where a million and a half Americans have been without power to heat their homes and stay alive.

Where is Obama?  GWB was attacked for doing a fly-by of what was left of New Orleans yet five days after the Midwest catastrophe, President Obama is still warmly ensconced in the White House, seemingly oblivious of freezing Americans a thousand miles away.  Does the fact that most of them are White people have any bearing here?  Does Obama hate White people and want them to die?

And where is FEMA?  Roundly criticized for failing to save New Orleans residents when FEMA was Bush’s responsibility, can we say now that Obama’s FEMA has failed the Midwest?

Of course not!  You’re doing a heckuva job, Obama!

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UPDATE:  As of 2-1-09, a million Americans from Missouri to Ohio were still without power in sub-freezing temperatures and Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has called out the entire Kentucky National Guard to assist with their rescue.

Grayson County official Randell Smith said “FEMA was still a no-show days after the storm.”