Christmas.  Future Christmas revisionism: “It’s Beginning to Look Like the Holidays.” “Have Yourself a Merry Little Holiday.” “All I Want for the Holidays Is My Two Front Teeth.” “Holidays in Killarney.”

The annual war on Christmas has resumed and a major battle is currently being fought in The Ocean State of Rhode Island.

Perhaps what’s most remarkable about the anti-Christmas forces–and they are formidable forces– is that, despite overwhelming national sentiment in favor of saying and celebrating “Christmas” instead of the generic “holiday,” liberal politicians and their cohorts in the media and among certain segments of the general populace never let up in trying to secularize this time of year.  

What’s their problem? 

On the one hand, the whole controversy which has been raging for years over a word is silly. 

Does it really matter if a tree in the town square is called a holiday tree instead of a Christmas tree?  Does it matter if Macy’s conducts holiday sales in lieu of Christmas sales?  Does it matter if we wish one another, “Happy Holiday!” and not “Merry Christmas?”  

On the other hand, if it didn’t matter, why do some people persist in trying to change a  long-standing, popular tradition?  

A recent Rasmussen Reports survey confirms what the majority of Americans already knew.  By a whopping 70%, most of us prefer to celebrate Christmas rather than  meaningless holidays.  More specifically, seven out of ten opt for store signs wishing shoppers a Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays. 

It shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it is, moreso for the grinches than for the traditionalists.  The grinch contingent seems obsessed with the need to unnecessarily change what doesn’t need changing.  

The Christmas Grinch  One rhetorical question is, why?  Another is, why are virtually all the grinches liberals?  The answers are simple: Liberals despise tradition, especially any tradition that smacks of Christianity, and they are grinchy because their philosophy is inherently devious and intolerant. 

Case in point: The Associated Press is reporting that Rhode Island’s liberal governor, Lincoln D. Chafee, in defiance of a symbolic resolution passed by his state’s House of Representatives, is insisting  the  statehouse 17′ blue spruce scheduled to be lit on December 6th be called a holiday, not a Christmas tree. 

  Chafee, a confirmed elitist RINO who attended Phillips Academy and Brown University and abandoned the Republican Party after the GOP abandoned him, has held his office for less than a year.  His first official act in January was to join with other leftists in their campaign against talk radio, meaning conservative radio broadcasts, by banning state employees from that subversive medium.   

Following the uproar over his holiday tree, Chafee feigned dismay at naysayers and fatuously tried to evade the tree issue by mouthing platitudes and belittling Christians. 

He suggested “all those engaged in this discussion–whatever their opinion on the matter–use their energy and enthusiasm to make a positive difference in the lives of their fellow Rhode Islanders,” such as feeding the poor since, by implication, the naysayers would starve the poor if they had to in order to get a Christmas tree. 

Rhode Island Rep. Doreen Costa offered a valid observation on the tree brouhaha saying,  “I’m sick of being politically correct.  Nobody’s been offended by calling a Christmas tree a Christmas tree.  If we have a menorah in the statehouse, what are we going to call it–a candle with sticks?” (

That would be as offensive to Jews as re-labelling Chistmas trees is to Christians but Costa is wrong on two counts. 

Liberals are extremely offended by calling a Christmas tree a Christmas tree.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t get so exercised over nomenclature every year.  Secondly, Costa fails to mention a more pertinent issue: Since displaying a religious symbol, a menorah, on state grounds is acceptable to Gov. Chaffee, why not erect a Nativity scene as well?  

Lincoln Chafee skipped Christmas services at his Episcopal church last December, according to his spokesman Michael Trainor, so that the governor could be with his family and to emphasize his belief in the separation of church and state. 

I guess Episcopal celebrations of Christmas must last all day long. 

Just for informational purposes, to contact the governor’s office by phone call (401) 222-2080.  Emails may be sent to  Snail mailers can transmit their opinions to: Office of the Governor  222 State House  Providence, RI 02903. 

Governor Chafee would love to hear from everyone.  It might be an idea to ask him whether he was born grinchy or if liberalism made him that way.