Barney made the news again! 

Not this Barney  but the other Barney, seen here reaching for some guy’s butt    which is apropos considering that Congressman Barney Frank is a declared and proud homosexual who now represents Massachusetts’ 4th district, including the towns of Dartmouth and Wellesley. 

This Barney is easily the most prominent and most powerful homosexual in American politics, representing two different Massachusetts districts (due to reapportionment), for some 28 years.

Fourteen terms in the House would be truly remarkable almost anywhere in the country but 14 terms for a congressman who has been so covered in dirt during his congressional tenure as this Barney has been exceeeds remarkability, unless we factor in his constituency. 

Not only is he a representative from the formerly honorable Commonwealth of Massachusetts but his current prime constituency includes that bastion of liberalism, Dartmouth, and that sister bastion of lesbianism, Hillary Rodham’s undergrad school, Wellesley College (for Women).  

Hey! even Hillary could have won the Massachusetts 4th district if she had announced that actually she had been a Red Sox fan from birth and firmly believed Bill Buckner should roast in hell.

However, that Barney!  He’s been a House member since 1980 and should Hillary have dared to move north to the fourth he surely feels he would’ve whupped her ass in a primary, especially considering that ass, male not female, is his chief non-political interest.

When not in D.C., Barney currently resides in Newton, Massachusetts with his current partner/boyfriend, Jim Ready. 

His chief non-political interest was in full bloom back in the summer of ’89 when Democratic, liberal Congressman Barney Frank hired Stephen L. Gobie  as a “housekeeper.”  I don’t know how much housekeeping he did but Gobie was and still is a male pimp/prostitute who proceded to turn Frank’s basement into a veritable brothel as he conducted business and bacchanals worthy of Roman Empire end times. 

More detail on Gobie is provided by the Washington Post:  For those sufficiently incurious to pursue the link, Gobie and Frank admit to having been “lovers” and Gobie’s career has included drug convictions, pedophilia, and using Frank’s congressional office to run his business.  Barney was reprimanded by the House Ethics Committee, then won reelection.

No surprise there.

Barney has admitted surprise that he has been re-elected so often, a surprise I share.  He has worked himself up, so to speak, to become the powerful head of the House Financial Services Committee, classically ironic since he has been implicated in profiting from the mortgage mess.  His Democratic colleagues haven’t considered that connection worth investigating.

Good ol’ Barn has various other messes on his plate, including involvement with highly-placed paramours, such as former Fannie Mae executive, Herb Moses, and his absurd push to cut the military budget by 50%.

Nothing phases him and why should it?  As Bill Sammon of Fox News has said, Frank’s gaiety has made him immune from negative press.  Gays are protected species nowadays, rara avises, and thus he can even get away with his latest laugher, his charge that Republicans in congress, (who are also becoming rare birds), won’t support Obama’s policies for fear of incurring the wrath of Rush Limbaugh (

To make matters even more entertaining, according to the above link to the leftist, right wing bomb thrower, Michael Savage–who happens to be a Jew–contends that fellow Jew Barney is a cause of anti-Semitism.

It’s hard to see how this all can get any better even though I really hope it will.