Newt Gingrich  All things come to those who wait and now it’s Gingrich’s turn.  With the race for the Republican nomination for president seemingly narrowed to a pack of two, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, it was time for the Obama attack team to zero in on Newt since he has been waxing of late and Mitt has been stagnating. 

Adhering to the military strategy of focusing on offing the leader, the Obamians have been dismantling the front runner until he is beaten to a pulp then deal with the remnants of the field.  It worked with Bachmann, Perry, and Cain so why not go with whatever works? 

Of course, even when he was bringing up the rear, Gingrich received his allotted share of undercutting but it’s a whole new ballgame now that he’s in the lead.  The Big Guns are being trotted out to reduce him to size, if not to a quivering shadow of his former self. 

However, with all his faults and baggage, Newt represents a lot of candidate to cut down and he’s not known to quiver much. 

And, to utilize a tempting pun, his quiver is chock-full of arrows with which to bring down Obama, chiefly his knowledge, experience, intelligence, and debating expertise, all of which constitute fearsome forces to reckon with and the re-elect Obama team has evidently been doing a great deal of reckoning.  

The latest Democrat stalwart to join the Democrat attack machine isn’t known for her intelligence or expertise in anything other than winning her own re-election in a super-safe congressional district and just launched her initial salvo of innuendo intended to inflict damage on her former House colleague. 

"We have to pass the bill so  House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi didn’t really say anything of substance to Talking Points Memo but rather, in her sly fashion, tried to smear and intimidate Gingrich with a threat. 

As she inelegantly put it without elaboration, “When the time is right. . . I know a lot about him.  I served on the investigative committee that investigated him, four of us locked in a room in an undisclosed location for a year.  A thousand pages of his stuff.” 

Just think about it.  An investigative committee of four so far un-identified individuals investigating an arch political enemy for twelve months behind non-transparent doors and compiling “a thousand pages of his stuff.”  It’s a wonder they didn’t find Newt guilty of pulling grandma’s plug and tossing babies into wood chippers!

Imagine any committee secretly investigating Barack Hussein Obama for a year!  They could determine he was born in Nairobi, his father was a confirmed Marxist drunk, and his mother had this peculiar thing for Muslim men.  

(Actually, only the Nairobi determination has yet to be proven.  The others are factual.) 

Unquivering Gingrich tends to tell the truth even when it hurts.  The OWSers do need baths and poor kids do need better role models than absent, unemployed parents on the dole.  He immediately shot back at rumor-mongering Pelosi by sarcastically thanking her for “an early Christmas gift” and reminding her that violating House confidentiality rules by threatening to “totally abuse the ethics process” is itself unethical.

According to, “A spokesman for the House Ethics Committee declined to comment on ‘current rules in the context of allegations concerning past conduct, or hypothetical future conduct governed by past rules.’ “  

It’s hard to say but I think that means in politcal-ese, “I’m not sayin’ nothin’ “. 

The most farcical feature of Pelosi’s vague threat is that it presupposes a public perception that then-House Speaker Gingrich was a saint, that he didn’t engage in the same ethically-questionable deals and maneuverings which are SOP for politicians of both parties.  

At this critical time in America’s history, we don’t need a presidential saint, we need a leader.  Someone who always takes the high road, someone who is perfect in everything he says and does might be a theoretical ideal but would be a practical disaster in a sinister world where homicidal enemies may lurk in every foreign nation and around every American corner. 

To add an element of absurd humor to Pelosi’s slanderous innuendoes, she herself has been charged with various ethical failures and she recently praised one of the most ethically-challenged House members in recent history, Democrat Barney Frank. 

Barney Frank bemoans the fact  On hearing Gingrich was in contention for the Republican nomination, Barney said last week, “He would be the best thing to happen to Democrats since Barry Goldwater.”  (   

Someone should advise the addled Barn Animal that Goldwater may have lost in 1964 but he paved the way for Ronald Reagan and a new era of conservative resurgence in 1980. 

Newt Gingrich is no Ronald Reagan but America can’t wait another sixteen years to reverse the course to oblivion in 2028 Obama has set for the country.  There may be little if anything left by then.  Should a viable, conservative candidate not emerge in the next month or two, Republicans should just suck it up, hold our noses, go with the best we have, and let the Democrats fire away. 

The worst is yet to come in the Destroy Gingrich Campaign.