Perez Hilton,   aka Mario Armando Levandeira, Jr.,  may have chosen his nom de blog in a vain attempt to latch on to the cache’ associated with the Hilton hotel clan and such super-twits as Paris Hilton.  If so and regrettably, for Perez, he struck out in the cache’ quest; he makes Paris seem classy in comparison. 

How he came up with “Perez” is anyone’s guess, maybe because it sounds somewhat hispanically exotic, the only thing exotic about him, except for his turquoise head.   Whatever the source, he missed that boat, too.  I’ll just call him PH for the acidity/alkalinity factor, which makes as much sense as his adopted name. 

I previously, briefly, addressed PH’s disgraceful actions during and following the Miss U.S.A. festivities where he was grossly miscast as a judge.   In high dudgeon, he betrayed his petulance and intolerance of religious faith and honesty as personified by the gorgeous Miss California, Carrie Prejean. 

In that prior mention, (“Hypocrites in the News II,, I referred to PH as “a sorry substitute for a human being, some swishing twit named Perez Hilton, . . . an exemplar of gay hypocrisy.”  I was being far too kind.

Carrie responded to his loaded question about gay marriage by saying, “I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one or the other . . . same sex marriage or opposite marriage,” then added, “I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman … that’s how I was raised:” 

How horrendous!  How repulsive!  How utterly un-American for a 21 year old girl to choose to live her life abiding by the religious precepts she learned from her family, and from the Bible! 

Lord only knows how PH was raised.  I can picture him lobbing his purse at Carrie, but he wouldn’t do that in fear she could deck him.

Ms. Prejean finished as Miss U.S.A. first runner-up.  PH finished as Perez Hilton, which is punishment enough.

(This follow-up article on PH was inspired by a scathing piece published today on CNS,  It made mincemeat of what is left of PH but was apparently too mincemeaty and was later pulled by CNS.  There might be a gay mole, maybe a fan of Perez’, infesting the normally-reputable and objective confines of that news service.)