“The war on terror cannot be won.”  The U.S. “is the main obstacle to a stable and just world.”  American troops are “perpetrators” and “oppressors.” “The war on drugs is doing more harm to our society than drug abuse itself.” 

Words spoken by bin Laden or Harry Reid?  No.  By Vlad Putin or John Murtha?  Nope.  By Hugo Chavez or Fidel?  Nah.  By a Mexican drug lord or Robert Downey?  Wrong again.  They are just some of the collected words of leftist wisdom spewed by a defeatist, America-hating, bizarre individual who goes by the name of George Soros    http://www.americanissuesproject.org/soros.

Whose society he means by “our society” is as difficult to determine as is where his allegiance lies.  It can’t be in America. 

According to one of his websites, “A global financier and philanthropist, George Soros is the founder and chairman of a network of foundations that promote, among other things, the creation of open, democratic societies based upon the rule of law, market economies, transparent and accountable governance, freedom of the press, and respect for human rights.” 

That self-aggrandizing site fails miserably in explaining who and what this “financier and philanthropist” really is, how and where he got his money, and how and to whom he extends his generous helping hand.

Hint:  It’s not to the Republican Party and it’s not to conservative causes. 

Born in Budapest to Jewish parents in 1930, Soros, (original name György Schwartz), emigrated to England in 1947 and then to America in 1956.  Since then, he has become one of the richest men on the planet, a position he evidently feels grants him the authority not only to make pronouncements on America’s leaders and America’s values but to manipulate our government and our people.

This week, Soros was in the news for saying that, “Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s role in approving enhanced interrogation techniques used by the CIA should be examined by a presidential commission:” http://www.cnsnews.com/public/content/article.aspx?RsrcID=47242.

Translation: Cheney, along with former President George W. Bush, against whom Soros declared a vendetta in 2003, should be indicted, tried, convicted, hung by their thumbs or some other body part in the Mojave Desert, eaten alive by coyotes, and their remains devoured by ravenous vultures.  Don Rumsfeld and Condi Rice would no doubt be third and fourth in line for the Soros gallows.

Their crime(s)?  Doing all in their power to protect, defend, and preserve the United States of America, all of which are capital offenses in Soros’ book.  So, too, are America’s freedoms and our free enterprise and capitalist systems, the bases of America’s  amazing strength, wealth and unsurpassed standard of living.

So, what’s his problem?  He has many obvious problems, among which is that George Soros has this undeniable skill and penchant for making billions as millions of others go broke and destitute. 

Problem?  What problem, he would say.

As millions of Americans and Western Europeans have lost their jobs, homes, and mental well-being in the worst economic downturn since the 1930′s, Soros was scoring big time.  “George Soros said the current economic crisis has been the culmination of his life’s work.”  This long-anticipated crisis earned him over a billion dollars last year via his unregulated Quantum hedge fund for the super rich: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1164771/Im-having-good-crisis-says-hedge-fund-manager-1billion-world-plunged-recession.html.

In brief, Soros strove for this mess we are in and he is benefitting mightily from it as he continues his manipulations to effect a total financial and societal meltdown in the Western World.  Then, the unadvertised plan is, he and his fellow thinkers and fellow travelers will step in and establish a brave new world predicated on their socialistic, communistic precepts.

He’s quite familiar with economic and political crises and has long been a master manipulator of shady schemes to utilize them to his financial advantage: “Soros may be the biggest political fat cat of all time.  Convicted in France of insider trading, Soros specializes in weakening or collapsing the currencies of entire nations for his own selfish interests.  He is known as the man who broke the Bank of England. His power is such that his statements alone can cause currencies to go up or down. Other people suffer so he can get rich.”

As one of his many adversaries put it, “the immoral and unethical means by which he achieved his wealth. . . [aren't] included in his bio [nor are] the stories on how he collapsed whole country’s currencies for his own self interests so that many may suffer.”  http://www.aim.org/special-report/the-hidden-soros-agenda-drugs-money-the-media-and-political-power/.  In a major show of liberal hypocrisy, Soros, who made billions on currency speculation, now endorses governments’ heavily taxing such activities.

And with all his filty lucre and ill-gotten gelt, George Soros is proud of being a socialist.  Go figure.

He’s also proud to use his philanthropy to elect those he feels can best work with him to accomplish his nefarious goals.  Chief among those was the election of Barack Obama, elected after Soros’ tireless efforts and untold and unaccounted-for millions poured into Obama’s coffers.  His bad investments of millions in Al Gore’s and John Kerry’s failed presidential campaigns didn’t hit paydirt for Soros and he wasn’t about to experience another loss. 

Obama’s election proved to be his political pot of gold, which helps explain the Obama administration’s tireless efforts to bankrupt the nation and sucker Britain, Germany, France, et al. to do the same for Western Europe.  To date, most of Western Europe has told him to shove his schemes.

Soros has also been implicated in stock manipulation, to which he pled guilty, and in being financed by drug cartels, which he understandably denied.  However, those shenanigans, deftly covered up by the mainstream media during Obama’s presidential campaign, almost pale in comparison to his views on the drug culture in America.

Not coincidentally, he admits to enjoying toking on marijuana and advocates a “retreat and defeat,” policy in the war on drugs, i.e. surrender.  Instead, according to the above Accuracy in Media website, he advocates a unique approach in limiting illegal use of drugs, essentially that Uncle Sam becomes a super-pusher.

His idea is that, “the government takes over the drug trade and provides drugs and drug paraphernalia, including needles, to addicts. But law enforcement would still be required to keep drugs out of the hands of children.  If this is not the case, then Soros intends to allow substances such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin to be distributed to children.”

Cheer up, parents.  He’s 78.  There’s still hope that he will go to his reward before he destroys the country.  Then again, can Hell be interpreted as a reward?

One principal, known, beneficiary of George Soros’ ill-begotten largesse is MoveOn.org, farcically sub-titled, “Democracy in Action,” which is so infested with outright lies, distortions, and leftist political propaganda that it truly merits being declared an insidious, traitorous organization which should be listed on the FBI’s most wanted list. 

MoveOn’s most egregious attack on the United States was its billboard and media slanders against General David Petraeus, calling him “General Betray Us” simply because he wanted America to win in Iraq and was accomplishing that goal.  Any American victory would be anathema to Soros and MoveOn but they went so far over the edge with the attacks on Petraeus that Obama was compelled to publically “criticize,” not condemn, them: http://thehill.com/campaign-2008/obama-criticizes-moveon.org-in-patriotism-speech-2008-06-30.html.

Obama knew where his bread was buttered and knew he could get away with wimpy criticism as opposed to outright condemnation.  He gauged it well.  Soros and MoveOn weren’t about to abandon their last best hope.

MoveOn.org was Soros’ prime vehicle used to elect Obama last November and it raised millions as his secret PAC which funded over 1000 television ads supporting his candidacy and sent hundreds of thousands of emails on his behalf.  If not for Soros’ Jewish roots, I would suspect it has been somehow instrumental in spreading the swine flu scare as an effort to terrify and/or kill as many Americans as possible to enable his planned coup using Obama as his puppet.

George Soros must indeed be one very happy man today.  He helped defeat John McCain and put Barack Obama in office.  He is a multi-billionaire who is now in the cat bird’s seat to insure Obama does his bidding, as if there were any chance he would not.  America’s economy is almost on the ropes and he must be inhaling, along with pot smoke, the sweet smell of his ultimate victory, what most billionaires dream of after they have accumulated more money than they know what to do with: power. 

It remains for patriotic Americans to see that he doesn’t get that power.  It will be a long and arduous task but there is real hope if we can dump this sheepish Democratic congress in 2010 and dump Obama in 2012.

Is it worth the effort?  Only if you believe in the United States of America, its founding principles, its moral foundations, and its future.