As the Obama administration enters its second hundred days, the internet, the blogosphere, and that other source of news, information, and opinion–the dying mass media–are awash with people voicing their many and varied opinions on the success or failure of those days.

In a way, it’s unfair to pass judgement so soon on a new president since 14+ weeks is hardly sufficient time to draw valid conclusions.  Obama himself doesn’t think so, however, and is using the 100-day milestone to toot his own horn in the Midwest, after which he jets back to Washington to do some more tooting on his prime-time special tonight.

Not one to stay home when he could be visiting his subjects somewhere, our Traveller-in-Chief  was off on Wednesday to the St. Louis area.  Recall that after all of 3 weeks as president, he announced he was already tired of Washington?  Well, he’s demonstrated his cure for that initial chief executive fatigue by flying all over the place, hitting 12 states and half a dozen countries in the last 3 months, and burning up tons of jet fuel and befouling the stratosphere in the process.

Rahm Emanuel should remind his boss that the election was over six months ago and this is the time to try governing instead of campaigning.  He might remind him too that he owes the planet tons of carbon credits for his needless meandering. 

One junket was excusable, at least to the romantics out there.  That was when he took his bride to Chicago on Air Force One on St. Valentine’s Day.  It can’t really be classified as a campaign stop since he simply wanted to have a nice, enchanting little dinner with the beautiful Michelle at their favorite, cozy little rendezvous.   You can’t fault a guy for that.  Everyone knows there are no decent restaurants in the D.C. area.

In Missouri, Obama touted the achievements of his first 100 days at his fourth town hall type affair since he took over on January 20th, saying in characteristically lofty diction, “We’ve begun the work of remaking America.”  He added that, “We have begun to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off,” just like that famous ant with the rubber tree. 

He also said he is “pleased with the progress we’ve made, but I’m not satisfied. I’m confident in the future, but I’m not content with the present:”

That turned out to be such a good line that his trusty teleprompter prompted him to re-use it on prime time.

It was all very reassuring, as contrasted with his gloom and doom ravings of a few months ago when he got so carried away with negativism that Bubba Clinton had to tell him to stifle it.  Needless to say, he didn’t dwell on his flubs, fluffs, and screw-ups of his first 100 days.

Although Obama is still enjoying good favorability numbers, they aren’t off the charts and are very comparable to his predecessors’.  AOL/Politics Daily poll gives him 44% in A’s and B’s, 43% in F’s and D’s.  On the question of fulfilling expectations, he gets 76% “worse” or “about as expected,” and 45% said he hadn’t brought that promised change to Washington:|htmlws-main|dl2|link3|

Others are even less supportive, including a New York Post melange of pundits who cite 100 Obamanian mistakes in 100 days during his “error prone time in office.”

To be candid, some of those errors are more opinion-based than fact-based but most of the Obama “mistakes” are undeniable.  And some are bald-faced lies, such as his being “unaware” of the April 15th “tea parties” and  his denial that he bowed to Saudi King Abdullah; photos and videos show that if the king had just happened to turn 180 degrees, America’s president would have appeared to be planting a big osculation on his highness’ royal derriere. 

The vast majority of mistakes committed by Obama and/or his cohorts, though, were irrefutable and often grievous blunders.  Those would include the slew of his nominees for Cabinet and other high-level positions who turned out to be worse choices than Caligula’s choice of his horse as a general, his sucking up to Hugo Chavez and, worst of all, his European Apology Tour which was not simply a mistake but a major affront to our country.

Fortunately, the Post pundits found space for jocularity in the screw-ups, misstatements, and ignorant observations by none other than America’s Clown Prince, VP Joe Biden.  My personal favorite is #86 on its list when Joe, after McCain had been derided mercilessly for not being internet-savvy, displayed a new high in un-savviness when asked about the Democratic website:  ”You know, I’m embarrassed. Do you know the Web site number? I should have it in front of me and I don’t. I’m actually embarrassed.”  He should have known that he could get the number by calling information.

He should be chagrined, however, as should all who voted for this pair of clowns, dissemblers, and outright liars, not because Biden is a techno-ignoramus but because of his lack of fitness to sit in an office for which he is un-qualified. 

Good thing for Joe that Obama is equally unfit and unqualified.  They can provide comfort for one another during their late night discussions on how and why they won the election and on what they’re going to do now. 

Hopefully, in 2013, they can take their show on the road and maybe call it, “Barack and Joe’s Great Failed Adventure.”