Gene Lalor is a retired English teacher who taught in New York schools for 28 years.  He received his BA from Fordham University in 1964, his MA from St. John’s University in 1971, and his PhD from St. John’s University in 1977.  He has been married 43 years and is the proud father of 3 grown kids and proud grandfather of 4 (beautiful) grandkids.  He and his wife reside on Long Island.



Lalor has published extensively on the now-defunct,,,,,et al and this website was accepted for syndication on  He has been interviewed on the radio by Gregg Jackson and Kevin Whelan on (3-16-08) and by Papa Joe Chevalier on (3-28-08).



He wrote An Immodest Proposal for Ending and Winning the War on Terror: A Curmudgeon’s Plan for Survival as a response to the grave danger from Islam now faced by America and the nation’s abject failure to adequately confront that peril since September 11th, 2001.  The book was re-issued on March 31, 2008. 



It proposes an admittedly radical plan to defeat terrorism, a radical and unique proposal to defeat a radical and unique enemy which is not merely bent on defeating but destroying our nation.


 The book is available in paperback, hardcover, and economical e-book format at Barnes&,, via most booksellers, and some enlightened public libraries (which will stock it on request). 


Lalor believes the United States of America is already involved in World War III and has been for some time.  As with previous world wars, many people are unwilling to accept that unfortunate fact of life.  In this case, that denial could be deadly.



This website has morphed from an unabashed effort to publicize and market his book into a forum for discussing “Problems in America/ Solutions for America,” and for exposing the forces which are feeding that denial through lies and misrepresentations.  The motivations of those “feeders” are beyond understanding but must be exposed for what they are if America is to survive.



Lalor unenthusiastically supported senator John McCain for President only because McCain was a far better choice for than Senator Barrack Hussein Obama, and he supported George W. Bush as the lesser of the two evils compared to Al Gore or John Kerry.  He further believes that Obama was a catastrophic choice for America.


Readers are invited to peruse the many articles on and are welcome to comment thereon–positively or negatively– provided the reader can adequately, and civilly, express his or her point of view.


Happy perusing and commenting and may God bless and save America!